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From Our Hearts to Our Hands

God’s Presence moves from Our Hearts to Our Hands

We, who are brothers and sisters in Christ, are the visible hands of God in this world.  He has entrusted each of us with a lifetime “spiritual vocation” or job.  This is not a suggestion or mere idea but a commandment for the child of God to invest his or her life sowing seeds of His gospel message.

A divinely designated spiritual career is much more important than any other occupation man will ever hold in this world.

Regrettably, many professing Christians have hands that are idle and hearts that are lukewarm to things of God.  They have entered into a cooling off period, choosing to live spiritually lazy and lackluster lives.  They have failed to follow His commandments and precepts and are heading in an ungodly direction with their lives.  Many professing Christians are presenting to others a “spiritual billboard” littered with dark advertising of the god of this world rather than one that is shining with the glory of God.

Not only are we to become more and more Christ-like as we sojourn in this world, but man is promised that God will extend His right hand of righteousness (Isaiah 41:10) unto them.  All man has to do is follow after God and He will lead us in taking care of every detail of our lives as He deems fit.  This is a promise the child of God can hang his hat on.  It is a vow from God offered exclusively for those who choose to ignore any lingering fear and feed their faith by placing their trust in God.  God will reward faith by perpetually upholding His saints with His right hand.

God’s perfect spiritual balancing project in our life illustrates His eternal strength and holiness.  It is on display and working in the hands of any who choose to live for Him.  His presence changes lives and presents powerful billboards of eternal hope and trust.

God saw fit to create our physical hands, especially with thumbs, for nimbly performing various tasks including the provision of precise fluid movement, the capability to lovingly caress and massage, express various hand signals, type and play piano, and provide special speech for the deaf, and much more!  Physically speaking the hand found on the end of each arm.  It is filled with three sets of bones, including carpals in the wrist, the metacarpals in our palm, and our five digits containing phalanges which are connected by several muscle groups located in our arms.  The bones of our hand are linked together with cartilage and ligaments and controlled by nerves autonomically fed signals by our brain.  There are specialized joints found in our hands allowing for a wide range of motion necessary for optimal physical performance.

Our hands were uniquely fashioned by God for both physical stamina and strength in completing delicate and precise tasks laid out for mankind in this world.  Some would even say that having “righthandedness” projects much more power than “lefthandedness,” since God’s Word repeatedly projects power in God’s right arm and hand.  Lefthandedness is not commonly mentioned about God or having anything to do with an increase of physical ability tied to power and strength.  Some would say the left hand seems to be mentioned in the Bible as having a lesser degree of strength or inferior physical capabilities.

One of the most remarkable physical highlights of our hand is found on the tips of each of our fingers: our fingerprints.  Our individual physical impressions provide an identity which is individual or unique to each person.  No prints are ever identical.  These grooves divinely stamped on our fingers, along with our personal string of DNA, gives each man and woman their own physical identity or a personal “hand stamp” divinely from God!

Just like the spiritual hands of God are clearly identified by the presence of His characteristics or fruit of His Spirit in works. The man and woman of God can be identified as belonging to God because of their natural display of outward spiritual beauty and usefulness according to His will as they sojourn in this world.

Just like the physical circulation of blood is vital and divinely provided by our primed and pumping heart muscle, the child of God needs the presence of the Holy Spirit of God for the execution of necessary spiritual work with their hands.  Without God, mankind can accomplish no spiritual work.  However, physically speaking blood flow can be shunted, or cut off, in times of a severe or traumatic physical emergency leaving our hands or feet limp and useless without vital oxygen and nutrients nourishing these tissues.  Our hands cannot function long term without blood pumping through them from the heart.

The child of God can become spiritually lukewarm or virtually almost lifeless as he exists in this world if he chooses to stray from the only power source which is found in his personal relationship with God.  God did not create mankind to function on his own as a “one man show” but for a man to wholly relying upon the presence and power of God at work in his life.  Hands that are not subject to or under the power of God cannot do the spiritual work of God.

This spiritual concept is so important that God even included in the Bible that when a man’s hand is found to be offensive (in the realm of a church body) that it should be cut off in Mark 9:43, if one or more hands are found to be serving the god of this world rather than dutifully serving God, each should be separated away from.  The biblical application of the cutting of the hand is made about the importance of having godly members of a church.  They must be separated from any choosing to repeatedly serving of the will of the god of this world.  Members who are self-serving rather than God-serving must be dealt with.  A congregation spiritually set on dutifully serving Him and operating as a single-minded body rather than serving sin, will make the hard choices to detach from sin serving members of their church.  God is holy and cannot have anything to do with flagrant and repeated sin.

As valuable as our hands are, mankind can live a productive physical and spiritual life without having the use of one or more of his extremities if God so determines this to be the best outcome.  Certainly, you understand this is true both of a spiritual and physical nature.  The number of members of a church is all equally important to the spiritual success of God’s church.  They are to work together with none of the members having sole importance in a church setting.  God can accomplish His will with a great number of hands, or members, as well as a small number of members.  He is never limited by a number of soldiers available, remember the story of Gideon in the Old Testament?  Just as mankind is not limited by only having one hand, or arm, or leg.  Many people live successful physical lives without the physical presence of a limb or organ.  God can use you even if you only have one hand instead of two!

The Bible also speaks of God’s healing hand or the laying on of hands to the sick Luke 4:40. Certainly, you know that we still serve the same God who, through His hands, healed and reviving ill physical bodies.  We also know that sometimes God chooses not to heal a physical illness, as in the case of Paul’s thorn in the flesh.  Other times He heals infirmities, like in the many cases of men lying around the of the pool of Bethesda, or in the physical raising of Lazarus.

God’s hand still heals illnesses and infirmities both of a physical and of a spiritual nature of the heart.  In biblical times, God used the willing hands of the apostles to heal sick people in the presence of crowds to demonstrate his supernatural power.  The people were given tangible signs of His ability.  Today we can look to these ancient events recorded in the Bible.  Especially the transaction of Calvary to warrant our belief in the healing power of God.  He does not need to send new signs and wonders through physical or spiritual healing through the hands of man today because He has already accomplished much proof for those who want to believe Him.

However, God does still choose to heal lives today because He loves us.  We serve a God who still heals; physically and spiritually according to His will and way.  Yes, He is the Great Physician who heals!

Yes, some people are still employing service for God with unclean hands today.  In Mark 7:2-5.  The Pharisees were finding fault with those who were busy working with hands that they had not washed.  This was seen as a major “spiritual violation” of God’s law.  The Pharisees always strove to follow closely the law of God, but in doing so they were riding the strict line of the law but without a measure of God’s love.  Some today still cling so closely to following every jot and tittle of the law, but in doing so have no “spiritual fuel” of love at work in their heart or their hands as they operate in this world.

Yes!  Certainly, God’s people must wash their hands from sin. This includes both the initial washing of hands or (position in Christ), and cleaning of their hands daily (1st John 1:9).  This maturing process makes the obedient man and woman of God stronger and stronger each day by the maturing of their faith (Job 17:9, 1st Peter 3:18).  Doing so will naturally feed and develop the love of God planted inside their heart to grow and prosper, eventually working its way outward into the hands of man as he offers the unconditional love of God towards others in need in this world.

This is a supernatural process made natural in the heart of the man and woman of God.

Finally, God gives us many blessings and promises about our hands in this world:

God promises to hold our hand and help us:

Isaiah 41:13 (KJB)   For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.

God promises us that His hand will never be shortened:

Isaiah 59:1 (KJB) Behold, the LORD’S hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear.

God promises beauty and bountiful works for the hands of the godly woman:

 Proverbs 31:30-31 (KJB) Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised. 31 Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.

God’s supernatural power is never limited by anything in this world.  The presence of God at work inside our heart and extending out into this world through our hands has no limit.  We can accomplish all that God desires for us to do according to His will and way.

The man and woman of God following God’s direction and desires have all they need to be the hands and hearts of God in this dark world!


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