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Yes, Certainly Mary Knew

The Angel Gabriel was sent by God to speak of great news to a divinely chosen virgin named Mary.  Mary was not just any woman.  She was a woman handpicked and highly favored by God who was to carry the infant Jesus Christ in her virgin womb supernaturally ushering in His birth in this world.

This “spiritual nugget” was a significant piece of news  which was delivered personally to Mary by an angel this day.

Mary was single but spoken ...

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A Supernatural Life-Preserving Event

October 22rd, 2016

A Supernatural Life-Preserving Event

Genesis 8:4 (KJB)   And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat.

The ark touched down on the mountains of Ararat on the 17th of the 7th month.  These are twenty important inspired and recorded words which explicitly describe this miraculous supernatural life-preserving event.

These words are also a beautiful picture of salvation.

The ark is seen by some as only a picture of baptism.  Man going ...

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