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Take Up Your Cross December 19th 2015

Are you spiritually alive and dead to sin?

For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God. (Colossians 3:3 KJV)

Naturally men are born dead in spirit to God and physically alive unto sin, but when man is born again or quickened spiritually alive unto God, man is spiritually alive unto the very nature of God and dead unto the power of sin and his own self-interest, living for the will of God.

This new life hid in Christ operates under the supernatural power of God as the Holy Spirit dwells in man’s softened heart serving to guide and direct man’s life from within his heart.  The Holy Spirit pokes and prods man’s enlightened conscious with the purpose of leading him according to God’s will but man ultimately makes his own choices through exercising his freewill.  God does not hold man captive to His will but desires the spiritual man will desire God’s will for his life.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearDo you desire and choose to live according to God’s will or your own personal itinerary?




  1. James  October 5, 2016

    Many Christians deal with a duality or double-mindedness in that they are not persuaded in their Eternal security. I have found in my own life the importance of being convinced that once a person has become Born again through Christ Jesus, it is then impossible for them to mess up that salvation. Beyond that assurance, identifying in the death of Christ Jesus is a progression in the comprehension of the fact that we are alive to righteousness and need to learn how to begin sowing to the Spirit, instead of sowing to the flesh. Trying to be a good person, even when we imitate the Word will never result in the Fruit of the Spirit even though this is yet an implied teaching withi evangelical churches. The easiest way to begin sowing to the Spirit in a definite way is by declaring the Scriptures out loud. As we sow to the Spirit by declaring the Scriptures out loud, because we have the indwelling Holy Spirit that Word becomes alive, cleansing our conscious mind and sweeping out the clutter, trash, and garbage we have been dumping into our subconscious soul every night when we fall asleep. This process of interacting with the Holiness of GOD by declaring the Scriptures out loud cleanses and starts sanctifying our inner man, preparing the landscape of our soul, addressing the corrupt and unrighteous conditions that are inclining us to carnal behavior. As we sow to the Spirit, our condition is quickened by Holiness unto conditions of righteousness with its resulting thoughts, and responses towards the situations of life we encounter. This is where we see Spiritual maturity developed and we begin to experience the Holy Spirit unctioning forth expressions of the ministries GOD has chosen for each of us to fulfill as our part of the Body of Christ. As we we sow to the Spirit, we inherit the Kingdom of GOD within and die more and more towards the unrighteousness that once was contributing to our carnal behavior.


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