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A Change in Consciousness

Preserved Words Bible Studies, a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

A Change in Consciousness –

Read Acts 19:13-16 & Revelation 18:1-5

  I have spent a lot of time on some of these things for a reason. All of this is insidious, invasive, and pervasive, and it is broad and on the move in all of society. The devil is not weak nor is he passive and he is moving the entire world to the brink of world war so that he can bring in himself as the ruler, and he is bringing in a religion in which he can be accepted and worshiped. As I said, it may not be ALL New Age, but a lot of it will be, so we need to see how broad and deep his working is. His religion will finally establish in all the world that the earth is to be worshiped, and man is god!

  Now, IF there is to be a “new consciousness,” there must then be a new way of thinking, brought on by a new education. It also then must be inculcated in through the youth, so that over time they will be totally unaware of the Bible, and be taught to get rid of it, and there must be a re-indoctrination of the older folks with it.   I repeat, Genesis 3 was the New Consciousness 101

   This “new consciousness” they speak of is devil-ology. It’s also not new! It is dealing with the spirits that are in a different realm, but people do not know this because they have thrown away the Bible. But know this.. as the nation has done this, so it is enticed and lured into false teaching. Those who have not God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ are prey to this stuff! This “new consciousness” is nothing new. The word “devils” appears 58 times in your Bible, while “devil” appears another 62 times. “Evil spirit” appears 35 times. All together, and there are others we could list, these appear 155 times.

   The goal of the new age is to bring mankind into a new consciousness… a spiritual awakening to the divine within and the spirit of the universe and I’m going to repeat something. They are powerful in government and shaping the teaching tools for all government schools. Little by little they have infiltrated the textbooks and minds of teachers and in so doing the minds of children. The Bible is out, you know that, along with prayer and all reference to the True God and Jesus Christ. But, again, there is NEVER a spiritual vacuum.  New Age is in!!!!

   All is one; all is god; they say. Then why do we not know ourselves AS gods…yet? Their answer is… ignorance. (See the education of mankind thing yet?) “Mankind is stuck in the past of superstition and Christian teaching that is limiting man and our metaphysics,” they say. Mankind MUST be enlightened. Read 2 Corinthians 11:14-15 here. They say that this metaphysical darkness and limitation can be reversed by techniques designed to alter ordinary consciousness; BY the “masters” and enlightened ones. But their light is darkness. GOD’S light (see Ephesians 1:18) is the light that will reveal that this new consciousness is the old devil himself!

   Fritjof Capra, a renowned new age guru, said of an experience he had in a scientific lab, “I saw the atoms  of the elements and those of my body participating in this cosmic dance of energy; I felt its rhythm, and I heard its sound, and at that moment I knew that this was the dance of Shiva, the Lord of Dancers worshiped by the Hindus” And so the teaching of a new consciousness of the cosmic dance of the universal One. And another renowned person, Shirley MacClaine said her book “Out On a Limb” was inspired by an extraterrestrial named “the Mayan.” And on we could go.

   For others to gain this enlightenment and new consciousness, the three teachings that all is one, all is god, and WE are god must be more than just ideas. Man must be awakened at his core (see all Bible passages on “heart” & “imagination”). Such experiences, they say, are found only in Eastern meditation techniques, like Yoga and others where the mind is emptied of all the past superstitions and opened to the great universal One and spirit. Mass training sessions like EST (Erhard Seminars Training) are popular to help with this “new awareness.” It is nothing short of opening up one’s self to demon possession. Each of his 16 sessions is severe and leads to a breakdown, even crying, physical sickness, and the like. Through all of this the pain turns into the new enlightenment… the new consciousness. From 1971 to 1981, 325,000 people from the United States, Europe, the Middle-East, and Asia wereested(for the low, low price of…). How many is it now? Here are some names for you; Yoko Ono, Carly Simon, Diana Ross, John Denver, Richard Geer, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton. But “EST” is only one of many like seminars.

   Others teach chanting, dancing around and around, tripping their way into an altered state. They call it “cosmic consciousness,” god-realization, enlightenment, illumination, Nirvana (Buddhist), satori (Zen), at-one-ment or satchitananada (Hindu). Big names command big buckaroos, too! But under whatever name, it is a must for the enlightenment of Western culture, the haven of outdated restricting religions such as Christianity! Such old ways must be replaced by the new mystic consciousness. The way out, they say, is in. In to the inner self and then… one with the universe. Humans, they say are not depraved (never mind Romans 3:23) OR dependent on any outside source of deliverance from evil and bad. The outside source of Christians “God” is not necessary, rather the realization that we OUSELVES ARE god! The “self” is the cosmic treasury of wisdom, power, and delight. Read Jeremiah 17:9, Proverbs 4:19, Proverbs 5:22, Proverbs 28:26, and now Proverbs 18:2. This realization of oneness and self-divinity leads to spiritual power and well-being. Troubles and turmoil, as claimed by transcendental meditation gurus, go away when one meditates twice a day. The true god-self, consumes the troubles of the day.   …..Further, in 1977, transcendental meditation offered by a Sidhi program promised advanced students the ability to levitate, fly, and become invisible. Once the true knowledge (gnosis) of reality is realized, higher powers within are activated. The knowingness of our self-divinity is the highest intelligence, they say. (Better see Mark 7:22-23). They also see this as necessary for the whole world. As we saw, they are influential in the UN, our government, our schools, our colleges, and churches. Those who have thrown away the AV1611 Bible are prey to this stuff, and it shows in more than a few, folks.

  Where is sin, repentance, truth, the True god, and Jesus Christ in all of this? HOW is this getting a foothold, and even a stronghold in our nation? Christians and pulpits that are weak, asleep and involved in far too much of the world “stuff” and financial demands, and far to little involved in reading and studying their Bible, praying, and witnessing/standing. We too often underestimate the power of evil in this world, and far too often fail to sound an alarm and be the watchmen we are supposed to be. Me included! We take too lightly our responsibility as Bible teachers and preachers and allow too many to be taken away with this stuff, unawares. If folks are unaware, then it lies at the feet of all of us who teach the Word of God (Isaiah 21:6-11, Ezekiel 33, Zephaniah 3:4, Galatians 2:4, 2Timothy 3:6, & Jude 4). For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them. Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears.    Acts 20:29-31      

                                                    They’re at the door, folks!

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