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A Connection with A Wrong Woman Can Be Lethal

December 4th, 2017

A Connection with A Wrong Woman Can Be Lethal

Judges 16:4 (KJB)   And it came to pass afterward, that he loved a woman in the valley of Sorek, whose name was Delilah.

Our choices are either lively or lethal when compared to the spiritual equilibrium of Truths of God.  Think about this short, but spiritually powerful, statement God saw fit to inspire to be recorded for our learning for a moment.

A man can only be as spiritually successful as his personal choices lead him to be.  Yes, God divinely gives us direction and spiritual road signs along the way, but you see, God allows a man to make his own choices rather than collaring us into His will for our life.  Sadly, many fail over and over again to choose the pathway with the things of God and instead falls onto a grave pathway containing lethally enticing traps of satan.

Now, certainly, it is important for you to understand that God desires for each of us to be victorious, however, He stops short of making our choices for us.

Sampson was a man who gambled with his life.  He always sat comfortably on the “proverbial fence” of immorality.  Many of his earthly personal relationships were improper and led him away from a continual influence from God.  Eventually, his choice led to more and more consistent following of the calling of his flesh rather than the fading, but powerful, calling of God at work in his heart.

The sound of Sampson’s flesh was easier to hear and follow than listening to the available but diminishing capacity for him to hear and discern the voice of God.

Sampson’s consistent errors in judgment brought about his physical death at the hands of a shrewd and sly woman named Delilah, rather than a victorious and godly life of being in service to God on this earth.

Sampson loved Delilah more than he loved the things of God.  Sometimes a man can walk into choices that are more palatable to his flesh rather in alignment to the will of God.  Sampson chose to feed his flesh rather than take careful consideration to guard his heart against strong temptations in this world.


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