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A “Drive Thru” Profession of Faith

November 21st, 2017

A “Drive Thru” Profession of Faith

2 Timothy 3:7 (KJB) Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

It is sad that there are churches and preachers today who participate in teaching that a little-spoken prayer and a loosely lipped profession of faith will work to save a lost soul.  This is a sad fact about the working of some ministers and churches in this current age of lackadaisical and lukewarm churches.

Preachers and church leaders participating in such spiritual “drive thru” shenanigans are often found to be participating in some sort of spiritual numbers game in a rush to some sort of “spiritual finish line” to see how many converts they can make, regardless of how these people are said to come to faith in God.

These new converts are counted as new sheep in God’s spiritual family when really, they are perhaps wolves covered in sheep clothing.  However, a false profession of faith never foils or surprises the agenda of God.  He intimately knows that heart condition of every person.

A person who makes a false profession of faith in God can never come to a working or applicable understanding of the supernatural power and presence of God for his eyes and ears are shuttered to the Truth of the gospel message.  For any leader or pastor who participates in this sort of misleading teaching that a powerless prayer can revive a lost soul into the family of God is playing a “spiritual Hot Potato” game that he certainly will have to give an answer to God about every lost soul he finagled into believing they had obtained the precious heart salvation of God.

God does not do His spiritual work by numbers, through rituals, or recited a prayer.  Each lost heart is precious to God and He desires for all mankind to come through faith to the spiritual awakening knowledge of Him inside their softened heart.  He will hold both false converts and their lackluster pastors to the consequences of their misguided salvation ministry marathons.

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