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A Fat Harvest

May 2nd, 2017

A Fat Harvest

Psalm 65:11 (KJB)   Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness.

David was inspired to record this Psalm for noting the goodness and profitableness of the harvest.  The fatness referenced the bountiful produce God divinely provided.

There are some years which can be lean in productivity, due to weather and other factors which are out of the control of mankind.

This year’s yield was fat and profitable.

This Psalm was written about crops but can be applied to the general goodness and great yield found in a possessing a personal bond with God.  However, having a personal relationship with God does not automatically ensure a person riches, especially profit of a worldly nature.  Or a promise that one will always have his fill of food, for there undoubtedly will be times of both feast and famine.

However, possessing a relationship with God always brings about just what is needed in the lives of the man and woman of God.

The crops of the field were overflowing  this year with the goodness of God.  God always provides a spiritual harvest for His own, just what they need, even amid a famine in the land.

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