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A Heretic and A Divisive Man

KJV Man Series #5

A heretic and a divisive man, do these words mean the same thing?

Titus 3:10-11 (KJB) A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject; 11 Knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself.

These verses contain a direct warning concerning dealing with a confirmed heretick. Because this word heretick is not commonly used today it is necessary for us to look up and familiarize ourselves with the ancient meaning and to rightly determine God’s precise use of this word so we can understand and apply this word correctly and purposely today.

If you look up this word in modern dictionaries, you probably won’t find a listing for it. Why, because the spelling of the word is different than what is found in this verse as the ‘k” has been dropped off the end. Perhaps a scribe could have misspelled the word, but if this was so, it still does not give modern scholars a reason to drop the entire word out of the cannon of scripture and replace it with another, or “better’ word of their choosing, for God has allowed for the preservation His Word through the centuries.

In looking up the word heretic in commonly found dictionaries you will likely find a meaning like this: a person holding religious opinions different than what is held by a Christian and/or his church.

Now, if you study the context of Titus 3:10-11(KJB) using immediate verses to help in discerning the background information and allow it to help you define the word. In doing so, you will readily agree with us that the word heretick is used in the KJB in speaking about a person who is holding fast to a doctrinal error(s), is not correctable, and is reporting to others such inaccuracies as being truths of God.

I am sure it won’t surprise you to find out that in most all “updated” Bible versions the word, heretick, (God’s original word choice), has been sliced and diced, and removed from the text being conveniently changed to other word(s) such as divisive, stirs up, division, and factious.

Please do some modern dictionary digging to see for yourself if you believe these words chosen by men to be used in place of the word heretick are acceptable replacements.

We believe you will find that the meaning of these replacement words to be completely removed from the message God intended the verse to convey then and to us today. In other words, a man who is a heretic is not a man who is displaying merely an argumentative character, is dissenting, a trouble maker with his own opinion, and such- no, he is a man who is likely spreading doctrinal error. If such a misguided man will not accept necessary rebuke grounded in God’s Word, God tells us to reject him and flee from for his false teaching is spiritually dangerous and yourself and others could adversely be affected by listening to his grievous spiritual deceit.

Lastly, Hmmm, it is kind of funny, just typing this word repeatedly into this post caused all sorts of alarms and bells to go off in my world-based spelling and grammar checker. Ultimately perhaps many unsuspecting people would easily conclude that using the word heretick must be wrong on that basis alone, right? Not hardly, God’s choice of words is never the problem, the real issue lies with the push to modernize ancient words often with such incompatible replacements. Just because a word is accepted by this world, your spell checker, and by “Bible-Correctors and being used in so-called Bibles does not mean that God agrees with their modernized theology.

Actually, such “Bible correctors” would make good snake oil salesmen. A man can never go wrong in clinging to the King James Bible which God has both inspired in ancient times and preserved for us in the English language.

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