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A Mark of Protection

August 16, 2017

A Mark of Protection

Genesis 4:15 (KJB)   And the LORD said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the LORD set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.

Cain was the first murderer as was divinely inspired to be recorded in God’s Word.

Did the fact that he killed his brother cause God to disown Cain marking him as offensive, sinful, and for cautioning others to stay away from him?  No!  God saw him as spiritually valuable.

God did mark Cain’s forehead as a target, but it was a mark of protection.  This mark was not a “spiritual bullseye” placed on his back calling for attention to him and his heinous crime.  It was not for those seeking retribution to easily find and target Cain.

It was a mark of divine protection placed divinely on his forehead.

Think about this mark for a moment.  God placed a mark of protection on a murderer.  The sole purpose was to protect Cain from any person seeking vengeance against him.  God was shielding Cain. Not only was the murder of his brother a heinous crime, a sin, and subject to God’s judgment; it is presented an opportunity for the man or woman of God to witness to his soul in desperate need of God’s gospel message.

We often can make the mistake of narrowly thinking of a murderer only as one who has taken the physical life of another by choosing to commit a criminal act.  We write them off, seeing them as too far beyond any “spiritual resuscitation.”  Or we think too highly of ourselves, and that other sinners do not measure up to the moral standards we have achieved.

The book of Matthew says that all men a real potential for committing an angry “spiritual crime” against his brothers and sisters, equivalent to taking the life of another and subject to His judgment (Matthew 5:21-26).

Cain’s short fuse led him quickly down a road to murdering his own brother.  Every person has anger and a real potential exists for a crime to be committed fueled by out of control anger and hate at work in the flesh.

Yes, hurting, maiming or physically killing another is a bad sinful state, however, it is never bigger than God’s love.  God loved Cain despite his sinful choice.  God sees every person as valuable and vital.

Perhaps God has a mark on your forehead?

There is no sinful act a man or woman chooses to do that can remove Him from the potential of having a personal relationship with God.  Cain was marked by God, being the recipient of His divine protection, in what some may perceive as an unlikely circumstance without hope, but as long as a man is physically alive on this earth there is hope of his eternal salvation.

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