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A New Creature

2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJB) Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

The first thing to note in this verse is that the focus is on being in Christ.  To be in Christ is a spiritual state of the heart eager and willing to be under the headship or spiritual leadership of God.  This spiritual state of heart is the opposite of many operating in a mode of me, myself, and I and nothing to do with God.

This scripture verse was written concerning regenerated souls who have been to Calvary to meet personally with God.  Now, certainly, you understand becoming a new creature in Christ does not mean each professing child of God was present at Calvary, but that each renewed heart chooses to agree with God about the nature of sin meeting Him on a personal level.  A softened heart is only accomplished by the inward work of God.

I hope you have met with God and became a new creature in Christ. 

Sadly, in some updated per-versions this essential scripture verse concerning God’s handiwork in generating this eternal heart transformation has been changed to read the new creation has come.  This change skews the entire intended context of a spiritually humbled person becoming a new creature in Christ. Changing the God-breathed word creature to creation only serves to stir the pot and add unnecessary confusion to understanding and application of this critical eternal salvation verse. 

A new creature and the new creation has come point to two distinct things in God’s Word and cannot be interposed concerning the salvation of the soul.  One phrase directs your attention to a new spiritual heart condition while the other aspect involves the physical bedrock, or earthly framework, provided by God in this physical world. 

One setting is pointing to this earth and the other is speaking of a renewed spiritual in nature.

Unfortunately, some people do hear the genuine Words of God and are stirred in their mind (intellectual ascent), but have not been spiritually changed, or regenerated, inside their heart.  Yes, many can profess knowing God but fail to apply His truths and to agree with Him about the nature of sin thereby failing to allow Him residence inside their heart.  It is easy to claim a personal spiritual relationship with Christ, but much harder to choose to beckon God to liven our spirit and to dwell inside our heart. 

God desires to move in our heart, and to make us a new spiritual creature, but we must allow Him to enter and to reside there.

Undoubtedly, genuinely saved souls can understand God’s Word just as it was inspired by Him over two thousand years ago as was recorded by a humbled and willing group of men.  Not only that but God promises us that His Words thereby recorded will be forever preserved by God (Psalm 12:6-7).  This is all for God’s glory and honor and the eternal heart health of His spiritual family who have become new creatures in Christ as they dwell day by day inside this wicked world.

We hope you have the Word of God, met personally with Him, and agree with Him about the nature of sin having been made a new spiritual creature who desires to serve and savor God.  We anticipate you understand the importance of spiritual discernment, weeding out false teaching, and the necessity of staying clear of multiple Bible per-versions having nothing to do with truth and genuinely savoring and serving God.

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