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A Perfect G.P.S.

November 09, 2021

A Perfect G.P.S.

Psalm 37:31 (KJV) The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide.

It is common for many of us to slide into our vehicle and drive away confident that we will arrive at our intended destination on time and without any issues.  Why?  Because many have a G.P.S. for direction as they travel the highways and byways in this world.  A global positioning system directs numerous vehicles on the freeways and suburban side streets, aiding many in finding their desired destinations.

The direction and decrees that God gives us in His Word are our spiritual guidance.  No person will ever go “off the rails” when utilizing any divine path in The Bible.  God’s ways are perfect and perfecting to every soul.  However, not every person is willing to hear and receive God’s excellent directions.  It seems as if the same people who use a G.P. S. to safely arrive at their earthly destination would be concerned with reaching the eternal realm safely.

God gives us all the instruction necessary for every regenerated soul to arrive in eternity with a perpetual address inside sweet fellowship with Him.  However, not all souls will choose to serve and savor Him above the things of this earth.  No person can travel to Heaven without knowing God and His Son Jesus Christ traveling on Grace Avenue, which is the only route that will arrive in the eternal realm in sweet fellowship with God.

I hope you do not slip and slide, especially moving away from God as you live on this earth.  Every person who seeks God receives His eternal invitation and applies His roadmap found in His Word will align with God traveling on His pathway to lasting life and eternal blessings.

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