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A Servant and The Son

John 8:35 (KJB) And the servant abideth not in the house for ever: but the Son abideth ever.

There is contrast found in this scripture verse between a servant and a Son.  Once again, in looking at updated Bible versions, altered words do not necessarily have the same meeting or are interchangeable inside the context inspired or breathed of God. 

You see, God’s ancient choice of words needs no correction or alteration for it remains relevant for today.  It is safe to say that God’s meaning is final and forever.  In other words, this succinct verse shows the difference between a servant of God and the Son of God.  A sincere child of God easily comprehends this verse referring to a simple illustration of a master (God) and servant (child of God) relationship. 

You see, a man is either a slave to things of this world or he willingly serves things of God.

First, one must understand that it was common in ancient times for a master to own slaves and to also have biological children of his own family.  Today slavery is frowned upon and is against the law but the particular message recorded in this verse is as clear as the day it was inspired by God in ancient times.

Certainly, you will agree that there is a clear difference connotated here between a hired slave and a son.  With one employed for a task(s) and made subject to perhaps temporary bondage or captivity situation while the other is a son born into a family with a lasting position of service.

Service, that is a key word when contemplating the context and lesson contained for our learning in this verse. 

You see, a servant, as was recorded in the King James Version, is different than other words included in updated versions.  If you study this out for yourself, you will find words used in place of servant; such as a slave or bondservant.  Both these examples imply a time of bondage rather than a continual heartfelt and willing service to God. 

Please note- God does not ever horse collar us and, therefore, service to God is never a form of bondage but is always built on a heartfelt desire to serve and savor God.

Not only that but it is vital for us to notate that slaves commonly came and went from their master to another owner or place in times of captivity and amid great trials while a son held a permanent position within his family.  The use of the word servant is used for pointing to a temporary position while the wording of the Son is used to illustrate a permanent position found with God through Christ. 

A personal relationship with God will last forever and is built on a desire to savor and serve God through His Son, rather than being a slave to things of this world.  A personal spiritual relationship with God will free a man from such bondage to serve God forevermore.  A servant and a slave reside at opposite ends of the spiritual spectrum.

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