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A Short Troubled Life

July 03, 2020

A Short Troubled Life

Job 14:1 (KJB) Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble.

Job knew about the shortness of life, even in ancient times.  However, sadly, many hearts fail to comprehend this vital message to this day.  Instead of choosing to live as if their death could come at any moment, many people put essential things on the back burner, like making a spiritual decision to agree with God about the nature of sin and death.  Or they excessively plan for tomorrow on this earth, never recognizing the potential of their own or another close soul’s physical expiration at any moment.  Nor do some give thought to what will happen to them the moment of their own death arrives, and their physical existence is viable no more out on this earth.

Many people do fail to recognize that one day they will perish or that Jesus Christ will come back to this earth to usher every regenerated soul to eternity.  Many people believe that life lasts forever, or that they still have plenty of time to reconcile with God, or wrongly believe that an eternal existence with God will come like osmosis with nothing for them to do in preparation for this coming day.

The book of James in God’s Word touches on how quickly life passes by in this world with a scripture verse that expresses that life is like a vapor in James 4:14, here in this moment, and perhaps gone in the next.  In contrast, eternal life is forever without end.

Only when a person recognizes the brevity of life, the timeless nature of eternal life and that life has many trials and troubles on this earth will he or she desire to agree with God about the nature of sin and death.

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