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A Sound Doctrinal Ministry

A Sound Doctrinal Ministry

Up Close and Personal with the Apostle Paul Series

1st Timothy

1 Timothy 3:14-15 (KJB) These things write I unto thee, hoping to come unto thee shortly: 15 But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.

This book was inspired by God and penned by Paul later in his life.  It is filled with calls for unadulterated doctrine preached in the church by a man of God with a pure heart, and a good conscience before God.  These things Paul learned directly from God and valued His instruction in the years he ministered in various podiums for Christ.

This instruction was so vital that Paul did not expect Timothy to wait for his coming visit to identify with what behavior was expected of him and other godly men as they stood as a spiritual leader and shepherd in God’s church.  Instead, Paul was inspired by God to include necessary training inside a personal letter to Timothy which remains valuable to every genuine man of God and in doctrinal churches to this day,

You see, it is important to understand that a church cannot just stick any interested preaching man in their pulpit.  God places a calling on the life of only certain men to be a pastor.  This calling comes from God, has spiritual direction, and fulfills requirements and obligations set forth by God in His Word for those who are called to occupy pulpits in churches in this world.

Now it was time for Paul to instill these vital truths about ministering for God into the hearts of the lectern leaders, or “preacher boys,” like Timothy who were in training to fulfill their calling in the next generation.  Paul began by handing the spiritual baton to his young friend and brother in Christ Timothy who was eager and willing to reach the next generation.  He was called to ministry by God and groomed by the leadership of the Apostle Paul.

This book along with 2nd Timothy and the book of Titus is often commonly referred to as the Pastoral Epistles.  These books penned by Paul refer to a pastoral calling of God as being a call for men only, the necessity of pastoral health and spiritual strength, and ultimately for men called of God to be the pillar of God’s church. Unfortunately today there are ungodly men found in many pulpits and others who are called to preach but remain disobedient to the call of God upon their life.

The qualifications for pastoral ministry within a church are located within these pages.  They are not suggestions or ideas but decrees divinely given of God for the health and spiritual welfare of His pastors and leaders of His church.  God’s direction is for the care and conduct of pastors and leaders along with even the conduct of their wives in the church.   You see, these things God directs should not be seen as restrictions or boundaries to the ministry but valuable direction for preparing and prospering him and his family in serving and savoring God.  God always has the best of the best in mind for His own children with some benefits realized on this earth and many promised and to be realized in eternity.

This divine instruction includes a call for an impeccable or holy organization with an order of operations within the church.  This push is not to be legalistic, such as a certain order to be followed for each service but is vital in establishing biblical based preaching and teaching, following through with commanded observances, and in the application of truth among leaders and among their congregation.  Successful pastoring requires a deeper understanding of God, scripture, and in grace-filled relationships with peers, brethren, and ultimately in spiritual agreement with God and following His will.  A pastoral position requires devotion and obedience; both with his eye gate and ear gate tuned into God for divine direction through the supernatural presence of God and the power of prayer. 

A pastoring man of God must be careful not to be swayed by ideas and opinions offered by well-meaning church members or from public opinion, or from his appointed leadership, especially when it differs from the direction and will of God placed upon his life and place in the pulpit.  God divinely directed the Apostle Paul to place His desires, directives, and decrees for His church inside two letters to this young man named Timothy and also found in a letter to Titus which we will also explore soon.

The bottom line: a man called of God to pastor a church does not wish to rely on his own agenda, opinions, traditions, or familiarity with this world, or place hope in world-based solutions for he desires in his heart and mind to savor and serve things of God.  The tenets of God’s scripture always provide a wholesome spiritual platform a godly man must solely stand on as he preaches and teaches in God’s church and walks among lost souls in this world.  Reliance upon any other building blocks will weaken God’s church and wither a man working in his own strength and understanding in an arena divinely set aside by God for sowing seeds of the gospel inside the presence, supernatural power and strength of God.


**In the next devotion in this series Up Close and Personal with the Apostle Paul we will be studying 2nd Timothy titled Endurance in Ministry as the Apostle Paul both instructs and encourages young Timothy to have spiritual strength and stamina in his public ministry despite the conditions at work about him in the pulpit, among his congregation and especially at work in this world for a called man of God is a man of God in any situation.

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