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A Wolf Running With The Big Dogs Knows When To Bite

October 19, 2021

A Wolf Running With The Big Dogs Knows When To Bite

John 18:2 (KJV) And Judas also, which betrayed him, knew the place: for Jesus ofttimes resorted thither with his disciples.

Judas ran with the big dogs.  Yet, Judas was intimately familiar with Jesus’s habits and knew that He resorted to prayer in this garden for one on one communication with God.  This ancient situation proves that a person can attend church, be close to sincerely serving hearts, say the right words, maybe even travel about speaking about Christ, but their heart is not right with God.

Judas knew the habits of Jesus Christ on this earth.  This knowledge helped turn Jesus over to the soldiers waiting eagerly to apprehend Him.  Judas was aligned with the government, even as he professed allegiance with Christ.  Yep, his personal profession was one big fat lie, especially when it came to receiving a little money and notoriety in exchange for making it possible for these men to arrest Christ.

Judas knew where Jesus was and was familiar with His day-to-day habits, including His sleeping habits, time spent on His knees in communication with His Father, His resting time, and the time spent teaching His disciples, and his meal times.  It was not a problem for Judas to know the whereabouts of Christ at any given time, especially since he was a member of His inner circle.

Yes, just like a wild animal knows when to pounce on its prey, Judas knew the right moment to lead the soldiers to His whereabouts in the garden.  However, indeed, you know that God allowed the arrest of Jesus to occur and the subsequent events on Calvary.  Judas did bite. In the end, God won the final battle.

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