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Addictions and Ills Are Issues of the Heart

Addictions and Ills Are Issues of the Heart


Proverbs 4:23 (KJB) Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

Addiction is a personal choice made by a man which enslaves him to a habit or practice with negative connotations, undesirable consequences, and stands in opposition to the solid truths of God.

An addiction to a substance or a habit can be temporarily appeased by applying worldly solutions which can certainly alleviate or deadening the pain, but it never fixes the real underlying problem on a permanent basis.

The real problem is always found at work inside the heart condition of mankind.

An addiction is impractical, or spiritually unreasonable, attachment to something or someone based in this world.

A perpetual solution for any addiction is always available by aligning oneself in faith to the eternal truths of God.  It is choosing to view sin as God views it which can only take place inside a personal relationship with Him. 

There is a worldly view about addiction peddled by many propagators which call all types and “flavors” of dependence a disease, therefore, making it a physical health issue, rather than a spiritual issue.  Therefore, any resolutions for helping and healing addictions are based on healthcare and behavior modification, while ignoring any spiritual ties or implications.   This solution does not necessarily have merit with judicious and biblically knowledgeable people.

Did you know that in ancient biblical times when a person was ill, either of a physical or spiritual nature, a priest was first summoned rather than a physician? Ancient men sought to heal from the supernatural power of God first and foremost.  Yes, there were doctors who employed physical solutions for ailing health, but well-being, of both a spiritual and a physical nature, is always first an issue of the heart.  Physical healing does not affect the heart, while spiritual healing by the power of God can affect both spiritual and physical health, according to the will and way of God.

Sickness, both spiritually and physically, can be produced by satan or is allowed by God, for bringing Himself glory and honor through spiritual healing on this earth or in eternity.  Sometimes God’s will does not heal a chronic illness on this earth, such as cancer, but through the affliction, God can be honored and glorified and healing always comes in the eternal realm for every genuine child of God.

One biblical example is the demonic man whose unruly life was divinely recorded for our learning and application today is found in Luke 8:26-39.

Or the demonic spirit possession healed in Matthew 8:16-17.

Don’t let widespread propaganda found at work in this world concerning the great effectiveness and success of worldly based solutions alter your perception of Truth found in God’s Word about healing conditions as addiction and mental illness.

To believe that God cannot heal such condition is to also believe that His power and presence is limited in some way, which is certainly not true.  A spiritually supernatural viable solution is always found in God’s Word and can affect any ill heart condition of mankind with the solution lasting forever.  Praise God since the beginning His power has never faded or changed and He can still heal any condition of the heart.

Yes, today there are many “flavors” of an addiction, including painkillers, marijuana, alcohol, opium, cocaine, heroin, pornography, cigarettes, food, abusive behavior …. And most people have a myriad of favorite compulsions which they allow themselves to be held in bondage to repeatedly act upon.  A man will even present his addiction(s) as being what he has the right or “freedom to do” rather than choosing to see it as an oppressive force at work in his life, which really succeeded in taking his freedom away.  The man and woman of God certainly understand that true freedom is found in a relationship with God (John 8:36).

A man addicted to a substance and by civil law, a judge or lawyer, his case worker, or his doctor, or psychologist can choose to classify his addiction from being a criminal offense of an influence of a harmful substance, by choosing to label it and treat it as a physical disease.  This affords any person addicted to an array of chemicals to seek medical help and treatment, sometimes in lieu of jail time.  This world is bending over backward to offer medical treatment (like administering the drug Narcan) in a near death situation because of a man’s choice to SIN.

However, doing so will never meet the expectations of God’s law or fulfill reliance upon God’s mercy and grace as a man sojourns in this world.

There was a time when all sin was met with consequences and penalties, rather than taking steps to alter behavior and relying upon medical treatment.  There were strong consequences to deal with criminals in ancient biblical times, in more recent times there were penitentiaries (from the word penitent) for housing criminals to assist in reforming their behavior through remorse, to the present time where some criminal behavior is treated medically with taxpayer money.  What a shift in belief about behavior, consequences, and paying the price, from ancient times to the present times of today.

Now, even accepted forms of an illegal controlled substance used to treat certain medical conditions, allows for proponents to cry in support of “for medical use only” laws.  This certainly blurs legal lines and leads us straight down a slippery slope towards making all uses of this substance legal.  Remember, God’s power has never been reduced or relaxed and He has power available over every situation and substance found in this world which includes any perceived uses for marijuana, a mind-altering substance, illegal everywhere but now is becoming more “socially accepted” in the medical field.

God calls for a man’s mind to be clear and well, 1Peter 1:13, 4:7, 5:8, rather than altered by drugs and addictions.  A man is also called by God to take good care of His temple (our body) which belongs to God in Romans 12:1-2 and 1 Corinthians 6:19-20.

Yes, the treatment of sin has been incorporated into health care coverage and now taxpayer money is even allotted for use in dealing with these wayward and disobedient choices people can continue to repeatedly choose.

What is needed most is faith and reliance upon the presence and power of God.

God’s Word tells us in Matthew 4:4, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

The truth is every man innately requires spiritual food as he sojourns in this world.  He was not created to live without fellowship with God.  A man must have a personal relationship with God to receive necessary spiritual nutrients.  Otherwise, he supplements himself with substitutes, or “spiritual stand-ins” in an attempt to fill the gaping hole raging inside his heart.  All these aforementioned addictions are applied in an attempt to fill the raging and gaping hole burning inside his heart.  Then these worldly solutions are given to subdue and pacify a man’s pain.  But guess what, none of them will work in the long term because they are merely coverings which never reach the real problem at work inside a man’s heart.


God desires that all mankind (1 Timothy 2:4) have eternal fellowship with Him but a man cannot personally know God if he is bound up in this world by problems and solutions which originate with the god of this world, rather than be eternally secure and supported by truths of God.  

The man and woman who profess a relationship with God should be busy about showcasing the power and presence of God to those who are fighting ill health and addictions in this world. 

Yes, there is always eternal hope found for any ills and addictions found inside the power and presence of God!



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