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All Flesh Bless

April 08, 2021

All Flesh Bless

Psalm 145:21 (KJV) My mouth shall speak the praise of the LORD: and let all flesh bless his holy name for ever and ever.

David is fondly speaking about praising God.  David desires all souls adore God.  I hope you know that David’s desire matches God’s yearning for all humanity to worship and to love Him.  Since sin’s presence on this earth, God attempts to reach every soul with His gospel message. However, some choose to disregard God, His knowledge and continue to exist spiritually lost instead of serving and savoring the god of this world.

The truth is that many souls on this earth elect to serve sin and self rather than God.  Sadly, many people live for their next heroin fix.  Or drink alcohol in an attempt to drown away their problems—some resort to filling their lungs with weed to mellow out amid challenging times.  Others resort to fulfilling lusts or to feed a pornography habit in an attempt to quiet their flesh.  Others turn to harming and abusing others to make themselves feel better. People, saved and lost alike, resort to many fleshly habits and spiritually unhealthy behaviors to find lasting peace and satisfaction; however, enduring satisfaction only comes from God.

Indeed, many souls reserve or reject praising and glorifying God, which He deserves, and direct all their attention to people and objects o earth.  However, one day every soul will recognize and worship God, as did David, at a time of God’s choosing.

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