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All Is One

Preserved Words Bible Studies, a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

All is One – L04 – Read Genesis 1:1-31 & Jude 4

  Though man is from the earth, or dirt, the earth is NOT his mother!  “Mother Nature” or “Mother Earth” is a doctrine of devils. GOD created man, and as we saw in Genesis 1, man is higher than the dirt, higher than the animals and is NOT one WITH the earth or one WITH the animals. Man is NOT just another species, as called by the new agers (human species). All of new age is counter to the Bible and truth! Do not lose sight of the loss of the sin factor and the need of a savior in all of this, also. This is yet another attachment to the doctrine of reincarnation they teach, and it is a damnable heresy! Let me give it to you in a condensed form:

  1. All is one- and all “reality” is part of the whole
  2. Everything is god and god is everything
  3. Man is god or part OF god.. or can rise to be (evolutionary godhood)
  4. Man never dies
  5. Man can, and should, create his own reality (meaning his own truth)
  6. Human potential must be seen and taught
  7. Truth is relative and relativistic

  Once we believe that all is one, including god, then it is but a short step downward to believing that all is god and worship the earth, the creature, the self, and easily step into their teaching of becoming immortal and perfect, and merge into the great spirit of the universe.   In the new age, Psalm 46:10 would read “Be still and know that you are god.”.a

   This is what pantheism is. Everything, animals, plants, water, sky, clouds, cardboard, is god and god (he or she, you pick-em) is in all. All are taught to be partakers of the “diving spirit” or “divine essence.” Do not forget the example of the teaching of the schoolchildren! All is god, you are god, so you are divine already and perfect, you just haven’t gotten all the way there yet! Let’s just go hug a tree, shall we! But what else can we see in the Eastern mystic religions that applies? Enter Hare Krishna-ism.

  It is also taught, as stated by Douglas Groothuis (Unmasking the New AGE; PG. 20), if everything is one and all dualities in reality dissolve into the “cosmic unity,” then so does the idea of individual personality. A personality can only exist where it defines itself in relation to other beings (man, plant, or animal). Even self consciousness demands some form of a relationship. But if all is one, then there is only one being- the One. The One has no personality; it is beyond personality. God becomes more of an “it” than a “he.” And if there is no god (see Psalm 14:1) there are only man made morals and values (Judges 17:6). I see those words no where in Psalm 119. I see judgments, precepts, statutes, testimonies, & commandments. You see, THOSE are written in stone, by the hand of God. But if MAN makes them, then they can be changed at the whim OF man! See the difference? Let’s look further.

  This amalgamation of pantheism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and all the other “isms” sounds and looks good, to the gullible. “The One” has no personality. It is beyond that. But, all of this is a spiritually conjured up lie! It is a doctrine of the devil (1Timothy 4:1) and more and more are falling for it.

 The idea of a personal God is therefore abandoned (by them) as a false teaching of an archaic religion and He is replaced with an impersonal energy, force, or individual consciousness. The ultimate reality is to be god, RISE to be god, who is in all, through all, and in fact, god IS all.

  Now this next truth is critical. It is paramount that you see this. Look at Ecclesiastes 5:2. What does the Bible say about God there? Look back at Exodus 15:11, Exodus 18:11, 1 Chronicles 16:25, 2 Chronicles. 2:5, Psalms 95:3, Psalms 97:9, Psalms 135:5. God created plant life. He created all the earth, AND the heavens, and HE is not subject to them, nor is He confined or limited to or BY them. He is near, but not IN all things. He is omnipresent, yet not limited to all that He is omnipresent TO! Creation does NOT contain Him! The god of new age is a false god, and is in fact the devil. Groothuis further says accurately, “To identify what is not God AS God, is what the Bible calls idolatry.” Lewis further says, “He (God) caused things to be other than Himself.

  And, here I want to go back to something., This slop is being taught to our children. It is getting into books that are brought in by those who have been college educated at liberal secular colleges into this stuff and have gotten on the boards of schools, and into the area of writing textbooks, and want to rid this world of the truth about God, and rid it of the Bible.. in all the schools!

  You know, as well as I do, that this stuff has been coming in the schools for a long time. Evolution, and then pantheism, and now the Eastern mystic religions.  It is all the moving and creeping of the New Age. O, he’s in the birds, and he’s in the trees, why he is in YOU and he IS you! Let’s smoke some marijuana, and worship the creature more than the creator, and fall into the trap of shifting morals and no absolutes. It is ALL in the same trick bag, folks!

  Do you not see the proliferation of earth worship and ecological agendas in government…. AND schools? Is it not in the United Nations agendas? How is it that it is so seemingly unopposed… by pulpits around this nation? And, again, how about in the music? O, just “imagine.” Better watch that imagination stuff! It gets you away from truth… every time! It was in a George Harrison album & song, in “My Sweet Lord” referring to Hare Krishna; “Supreme Personality, the Lord, the complete whole, the Absolute Truth“. Krishna is the creator of all that exists; even the gods worshiped in other religions are simply ``plenary expansions or parts of Krishna“. Krishna is the Supersoul who enters into everything that is. Thus everything is just part and parcel of the Supreme Lord.”

  What we are witnessing is what is called a “paradigm shift” in world view. It is coming at us from every conceivable angle. It comes more clearly as days go by. It comes stronger than ever before. It shuts out God and truth, and replaces them both with self god and earth god. It is nothing less than the throwing out of the truth of God and creation, sin, and judgment, and teaching that you can overcome your bad self, and become a good, GOD self, and thus there is no need for a savior. Quite a long, but quick road to hell. God is not an impersonal force or energy, nor is He an undefinable spirit. He is not subject to nature, or confined IN it! He is real and about to end all of this!!!

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