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An Array of Ministries and Gifts

June 4th, 2017

An Array of Ministries and Gifts

1 Corinthians 12:4 (KJB)   Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.

The one and only spiritual source of personal ministry gifts never change.  God supplies at least one serviceable gift to every man and woman of God.  Some individuals receive more than one ministry gift, and a few receive multiple gifts.

Though the source of these spiritual gifts is always the same, the gifts themselves are diversified.  This means that there are many “flavors” or varieties of spiritual gifts available for the man and woman of God, yet not everyone has been given the same gift.

Individuals are given gifts that accompany the will of God for their life.  It is possible to have received a gift and to not employ it because the child of God is far removed from God’s divine intent for his or her life.

Think of Jonah- he was given a gift from God for preaching to the Gentiles in the Old Testament.  However, he chose to run away, or in an opposing direction from the will of God for his life.  Did Jonah have a gift? Yes.  Did Jonah use his gift as God intended?  No.  Did his gift disappear into oblivion?  No.

God was patient with Jonah.

After some tall spiritual waves and literally being thrown overboard, Jonah came to the end of himself.  Then he allowed God to give Him both direction and correction in his life.  Only then, when obedient, was Jonah able to use the preaching gift God had given him according to His will and way.

Perhaps God has given a divine spiritual gift to you that you have not yet uncovered.  Or, maybe you have decided, like Jonah, that His gift is not the gift for you.  God does not make errors and always has your best spiritual interests in mind, even when you cannot see exactly what lies down the road in your future.

God divinely gives each child a spiritual gift(s).  Often it takes a leap of faith to begin using your gift(s) according to His will in your life.  Faith is the essential fuel bringing spiritual progress and maturity and service all for bringing honor and glory to God.


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