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An Infamous Convict

April 3rd, 2019

An Infamous Convict

Matthew 27:16 (KJB) And they had then a notable prisoner, called Barabbas.

Just what exactly makes a prisoner notable?

Luke 23:18-19 Luke minced no words in calling Barabbas a murder!

John 18:40 John called Barabbas a robber.

Mark 15:7 Mark accused Barabbas of plotting against Rome.

It seems this man was mentioned in all the gospels and each author penned different crimes he committed.  Barabbas was not a low-level criminal but one who seemed to have an ongoing history of multiple crimes and misconduct.

A reasonable person would advocate for the release of a criminal who had been wrongly imprisoned or perhaps was guilty of committing a low-level crime.  But, no, the same crowd who cheered for Jesus Christ the week prior, moved unanimously to have this criminal named Barabbas released from prison while Jesus Christ was convicted and hung on a cross for a crime He did not commit.

Despite this glaring infraction of the law against an innocent man and the freeing Barabbas, God used this to free you and me from the penalty of sin and to further His gospel message

Barabbas is indeed notable, but perhaps not for the crimes he committed, rather for being freed from the penalty of all his crimes.  Do you see it?  This is a picture of each of us, sinners who were set free from the penalty of death.  The sentence for sin was satisfied so that a man could gain unmerited favor with God.

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