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An Ironic Question Perhaps?

October 30th, 2017

An Ironic Question Perhaps?

John 16:31 (KJB)   Jesus answered them, Do ye now believe?

Jesus was speaking to His disciples knowing that they had all seen and heard many proofs to back up His claims of who He was and what was about to happen to Him according to the will of His Father.  He stopped to ask them if they now believed.

Certainly, the disciples saw and heard many awe-filled things in their ministry alongside Jesus Christ.   They were blessed to be sitting at the feet of Christ and to follow Him as His “Spiritual Right Hand Men.”  However, these things that Jesus spoke of did not precisely fit together for them in their limited point of view. Some claims were easy to discern while other events and things Jesus spoke about to them seemed perhaps “way far out there…”

Surely, the disciples wanted to believe everything that Jesus had told them but His statement was asked perhaps was laced with a tone of irony as He marveled at their awe of the spiritual situations at hand.  Jesus knew that one day all the pieces of this spiritual puzzle would fit together perfectly and they would be enlightened with the truth as seen from the viewpoint from the heavenly realm.

Every man has a limited viewpoint from this earth.  A man who has placed personal faith in things of God can allow his “fuel of faith” to kick in for believing through faith what might appear farfetched to a naturally inclined man with a hardened heart simply because God said it was, or would be so at some time in the future.

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