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And It Was Imputed

February 22, 2021

And It Was Imputed

James 2:23 (KJV) And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God.

I hope you understand that God blesses sincere faith. This scripture is not pointing to trust placed in anything or any person. Instead, it is solely referring to sincere hope placed in the power and presence of God for the salvation of a lost soul. 

Yes, indeed, it makes a huge difference concerning the object of one’s faith.  Some trust in others and things of this world; however, placing sincere hope in God is distinctly different, in that it imputes God’s righteousness, for no person can merit righteousness on their own accord.  Faith placed in any other person or thing does not change the spiritual state of a soul.

Simply put, Abraham believed in God.  Abraham did not necessarily know what was right around the corner in his life.  Nor did he know details about the finished work of Calvary yet to come.  Abraham placed faith in God without knowing the outcome of his day at hand, let alone his coming days on this earth and eternity.  His hope was placed in the promises of God not yet visible.

Abraham personally knew God and trusted Him without a doubt for his future; no questions asked, as the scripture presents.  Wow, I do not know about you, but many often ask God for even the minutest details and often, failing to “see the hand of God,” resort back to following their understanding and desires.  It takes faith to walk before God and allowing Him to choose our pathway rather than to journey on the wandering routes easily accessible on this earth.

I hope you can grasp the trust that Abraham placed in the power and presence of God.  Each of us can grow and mature in sincere faith covered with God’s righteousness, as did Abraham.  Or a person can choose to trust in self, pushing God out of the way and “doing” life on our own accord; however, no soul is worthy of God’s righteous standing, nor can he earn it on his own.

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