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Anger is an Easy, but Spiritually Harmful, Response

October 24th, 2018

Anger is an Easy, but Spiritually Harmful, Response

Ephesians 4:26 (KJB) Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath.

Anger is an easy response to sin while presenting godliness towards sin certainly is a much harder response.  The message of this verse contains an important communication that every child of God needs to take to heart concerning perhaps a popular but unbecoming habit of harboring wrath and anger about sin at work in the life of another person.

Yes, anger often is a common reaction to the presence of sin.  It is hard to not be angry about a dark-leaning heart, especially in the life of a person who is close to you who has chosen to publicly disagree with God about sin.  Even worse is a spiritually wayward person who chooses to profess a relationship with Christ and to sin freely. This sends a horribly mixed message to others about God, in serving God, and especially personally an affront to God.

It is important for a child of God to keep in the forefront of his or her mind that God is angry about all sin, including their own sin.  Yes, God has anger about unconfessed sin in the life of every person, whether they are spiritually saved or lost.  There is no spiritually perfect person alive and kicking on this earth.

However, God is not angry with a person who sins in ignorance, but He hates the nature of sin.  It is important to keep a short account with God.  A sinner who chooses to oppose God, is no longer sinning in ignorance, for his or her conscious has been poked and prodded and made aware of sin(s), but he or she may stoically refuse to renounce a favorite sin at work in his own life placing distance between him or herself and God.

Suffice it to say God will give a person up to the effects of his chosen sin after a time of repeatedly saying no to Him, a seared consciousness, or in failed repentance by continually committing the same sin.  When a person chooses to sin, it is a sin against God first and foremost.  Secondly, it is a sin which personally affects him or her and often everyone in their midst.

God is telling us not to offer up righteous indignation against the sin of another.  Instead, allow God room to work in will in the person’s heart.  Offer forgiveness, biblical teaching, and godly love and communication to anyone who sins and allows God to work in his or her heart.  If you choose to hold wrath or a grudge against another who has sinned, guess what, now you too, are choosing to sin in this very same matter.

Finally, don’t allow the destructive steam of anger and bitterness to build and explode in regard to the sin of another person for you are stepping in a dangerous spiritual territory and pouncing on God’s toes rather than looking thoroughly at your own problem with sin.

Do not hold onto wrath and anger for doing so allows bitterness and anger to swell and perhaps cause sin to be present in your life as a result.  Instead, allow God to work according to His will and way as only He can highlight a sin problem and work to remove any sin which is genuinely confessed and forsaken.

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