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Are You Sincerely Saved?

1 Corinthians 1:18 (KJB) For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

Are we saved, or are we being saved?  This difference in wording is as opposing as apples are to oranges or as night is to daytime.  The two spiritual camps rest at opposing ends of the spiritual spectrum.  A saved heart enjoys sweet eternal fellowship with God while lost hearts are far removed from Him; both now and forevermore.

A person is either spiritually saved or he is not.  You see, this verse is speaking of one’s spiritual position in Christ.  God’s transaction of spiritual salvation of the soul is either done or it is not for there is no such thing as being saved for it is a “one and done,” or immediate and binding transaction.  Sadly, according to new and updated Bible per-versions, a person is being saved, not are saved upon accepting God”s gift of salvation, as is presented for us in the King James Bible.

Perhaps consecration and salvation were confused here among numerous Bible correctors, as the spiritual cleaning and maturing of the regenerated soul is an ongoing process throughout a man’s life while the salvation of the soul is a one and done a vital spiritual transaction.

The spiritual work of salvation is a supernaturally powerful work of God (single in nature, (not plural) inside softened hearts.  Salvation is not something a man can ever accomplish for himself; though many try repeatedly to “save” themselves through practicing good works, turning over a new leaf, better behavior, adopting morals, and such, but these things are to no avail concerning the eternal spiritual state of the heart.

Sadly, some find the truths about God and heart salvation to be foolish.  These lost hearts are operating according to the dark nature of this world and cannot fathom or personally recognize anything of the spiritual nature of God.  The salvation of the soul and a future eternal life hold no meaning for any soul who is aligned with the dark nature of the god of this world.

We certainly hope that you are not being foolish about eternal matters and are saved now and not being saved as a day to day futile process.  Take some time to study this verse among Bible versions and allow your heart to soak in the truths presented in the King James Bible weeding out the lies found in numerous “updated” and “corrected” versions readily available in this world.

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