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Are You Sowing Where Planted?

May 8th 2016

Are You Sowing Where Planted?

Blessed are ye that sow beside all waters, that send forth thither the feet of the ox and the ass. (Isaiah 32:20 KJV)

This verse is taken from the thirty-second chapter of Isaiah which corresponds to the message of sowing found in the book of Jonah, and other passages of scripture. This particular chapter offers both a godly direction and blessing to those who are willing to carry the gospel to any place God may call them to serve.

God desires the seed of the gospel message be carried to every land, people, and nation.  For some, this message is to move them to sow the gospel among people ready to hear it in their own backyard and familiar surrounding area. For others, it means to travel in faith to a distant land where hearts prepared by God are eager to receive and digest the Truth of His Word.

Bringing this ageless message of new spiritual life and health to the heart of every man is to be used of God wherever planted to usher in new spiritual life to dead hearts or to revive spiritually asleep hearts which once teemed with spiritual vigor but fell into spiritual disrepair and dysfunction.

God calls every man to be willing to be rooted or planted wherever necessary to sow precious seeds of His gospel message to those who needing new spiritual life or for those who need to be spiritually “jump started” or revived back into service for Him.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearSowing the gospel message always brings a blessing to the sower, the recipient, and glory and honor to God according to God’s will upon their life.


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