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As A Person Ages

November 29th, 2018

As A Person Ages

Psalm 71:9 (KJB) Cast me not off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength faileth.

Many adults should hear and contemplate for some time upon this verse.  As parents, grandparents, or close family and friends begin to age they are still valuable and should never be cast off.

Perhaps you ask what exactly does casting a person off mean?

It means to set them aside or leave them to their selves.

Castin a person off is often quite a sad state of affairs for that person.  The context of this verse is King David speaking about his own son Absalom, who was more than happy to attempt to remove his elder father from his throne so that he could gallantry step in and become the next king.

However, Absalom failed to understand that first of all David and the throne was protected by God.  God had already pinned Solomon to take the King’s spot.  Secondly, Absalom was certainly casting his own father David aside to fulfill his own selfish desires.

There are a lot of “King David’s” in this world today in the elderly population who are coming ever closer to their own death in the old age.  Perhaps they have been tossed into a care facility or have just been plain forgotten about and left to die of their old age along by their own too busy children.

There are many Absalom’s out there who are just waiting to take the helm of a company or a family fortune upon the death of an elder parent or relative.  All they can see are dollar signs and avenues to riches and their name in lights rather than be moved to simply love and care for their elder parents, other relatives. Or aging friends.

Please do not desert your parents or other elders in their old age, for likely they did not desert you in your growing up years.  Be there for elders if at all possible for caring for them and helping them to grow old gracefully is acting with the hand of god in their life as they sojourn in this world.


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