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Be My Disciple

November 06, 2020

Be My Disciple

Luke 14:27 (KJV) And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.

The word whosoever takes a broad swipe with God’s mercy and grace.  What exactly do I mean by that statement?  It is simple. God did not paint the process of salvation into a corner, making it hard to reach.  Nor did he require comprehensive action for any person to receive His precious salvation. Instead, God made this vital process straightforward and His requirements simple enough that any person who desires can receive salvation of the soul.

It’s easy; any person can choose to follow God.  Any person can decide to come after Him and to be His disciple.  In fact, God desires that each of us to be just that, His disciple. What does this all mean?  God desires each of us to pick up our cross (Luke 9:34) and to follow His divine lead and direction as we live in this world.  However, God will not force us to follow His pathway and principles.  God gives each person born into this world the choice to walk beside Him, but any person can refuse to accept God’s guidance and truths and left to their ideals aligned together with the god of this world.

God calls each person to be His disciple.  However, any person can refuse to accept His call upon their life.  However, ignoring God places a person in alignment with the god of this world and out of spiritual synch with God, both now and forever.

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