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Believed AND Turned

February 20, 2021

Believed AND Turned

Acts 11:21 (KJV) And the hand of the Lord was with them: and a great number believed, and turned unto the Lord.

This verse is tacked onto the end of an accounting of the work of some diligent followers of Christ, and it gives us great insight into witnessing to others and the divine power of God’s salvation process.  This scripture tells us that these missionaries scattered to other cities after their associate and friend Stephen’s persecution. Amid this traveling, these men visited and reached other souls with the truth of Christ.  In other words, God used persecution to multiply His salvation message to lost souls.

If you understand the gift of salvation, you already know that just believing about God is not enough, for God’s Word tells us that even devils believe God exists.  This verse details that a soul must believe in the Lord AND turn his or her spiritually softened and cleansed heart towards Christ, agreeing with Him about the nature of sin and death. 

Salvation is a spiritual work of God in a lost soul in a two-pronged manner.  And, no, in case you wonder, turning attention to Christ and placing Him first in your mind and heart are not works, but what God desires each spiritually softened soul does in response to His gospel message.

Praise God; numerous souls found salvation as the gospel message spread during a time of oppression, for God’s power was in the message at work among these scattered witnessing believers.

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