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Beware of The Devil’s Dark Devices

October 31st, 2018

Beware of The Devil’s Dark Devices

Ephesians 4:27 (KJB) Neither give place to the devil.

This short scripture verse gives mankind great spiritual direction.  It does not say allow the devil some wiggle room.  Or allow the god of this world to gain a little bit of space.  No, this verse says do not give place to the devil.  It directs a man or woman to flee from his power and presence, even in seemingly harmless bits and pieces of his dark agenda at work in this world.

Think about a rodent which can squeeze into quite a small space.  It squeezes inside a house, camper, or an outbuilding as the weather outside becomes colder and colder as the Winter season approaches.  A rodent does not need a very big space in choosing to occupy space inside your house.  All he needs is a small opening to gain entrance and a source of food and water to keep him alive and thriving as the Winter weather howls outdoors.

The devil works in the same fashion.  He looks for the tiniest crack or crevice to gain a foothold in the life and mind of a person.  He does not need much space to live rent-free.  That is why it is so necessary for a child of God to apply His spiritual filtering process to continually sweep away any small intrusive actions of the god of this world who attempts to move in and consume an unprotected mind with the spiritual harm of the dark dirt of the god of this world.  A person who does not personally know God is like an open border for the whiles of the devil to occupy both his mind and heart.

Though the devil cannot cross the threshold of a regenerated heart he can attempt to live for free in the mind of a child of God.  His presence can attempt to shake up the spiritual parameters God has established but the divine power and presence of God protects and preserves the heart of a child of God and is waiting to spiritually salvage and secure every person who does not yet personally know God.

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