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Beyond Bearing

September 4th, 2017

Beyond Bearing

Philippians 4:13 (KJB) I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Overbearing is an adjective commonly used to describe someone who is bearing more of themselves than necessary.  This person has too high of an opinion about himself and offers too little of an opinion of another.

A dictionary might define it in these terms:

  1. Overly convinced of one’s own superiority and importance:

arrogant, haughty, high-and-mighty, insolent, lofty, lordly, overweening, prideful, proud, supercilious, superior.

Common expressions used to describe one who is over bearing may be: as on a high horse.  Or one who tends to dictate:  authoritarian, bossy, dictatorial, dogmatic, domineering, imperious, magisterial, masterful, peremptory.

It is easy to take the world’s definition and think that someone (we all know somebody’s name we can insert here ________) is beyond our bearing.

But, if that is the case we need to have a taste of spiritual reality from God’s viewpoint.

The truth is a man has no excuse for not being able to bear another.  Whether a person has a high horse attitude, enjoys egotistical times of prideful swagger, or is described as mellow Mary.  God’s power can always give a humble man his true potential and temperament, even in the middle of any trying circumstances.

The power of standing “spiritually stout” is wholly dependent upon God, not man.

After all, He put up with you and me, didn’t He?

A mild and godly manner, coupled with His estimate of your worth, is levied according to God’s perfect and righteous viewpoint, rather than any reliance upon a wayward puffed and flamboyant manner of another.

Your eternal value does not depend upon the actions, beliefs, or attitude of another person.  It does not depend on your past or present circumstances.  Your eternal value solely resides upon the presence and power of God, who delights in working inside your heart, inside a personal relationship with Him.

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