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Body, Soul, and Spirit of Man

Mankind is formed in the womb by the hand of God with a body, soul, and spirit.  Mankind is fashioned as a trichotomy, a human being with three distinct parts.

God has always existed as a spirit being who consists of three distinct parts: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Known as the Trinity or “spiritual trio”.

The number three is used in the Bible to illustrate or signify completeness and spiritual wholeness.

There are many sets of “three” found in God’s Word, including the three original fathers; Able, Enoch, and Noah who lived prior the flood.  The three fathers in the Old Testament following the flood were Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. One of the greatest “threes” mentioned in God’s Word is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Let’s take a deeper look into the “threes” of mankind. The three parts of man’s body: his flesh or outer shell, his soul where his character resides, and his spirit which will reside forever in the eternal realm.

Yes, it is true!  Every human, whether they know God or not, will exist forever in spiritual form in the eternal realm.

The flesh is of this earth and is naturally sensual.  Man’s flesh is outwardly affected by his circumstances, what he consumes through his eyes and ears, and is carnal in nature and his flesh is subject to physical death.

The soul of man is where man’s will resides and where his decisions are made.  His soul is where his knowledge is held.  It is a mixture of both worldly knowledge and spiritual knowledge.  Yes, a man can have spiritual knowledge of God without personally knowing and relating to God on a supernatural level.  That is why a man who “seems to know God” and even professes a relationship with Him routinely makes foolish decisions and follows a wayward direction in life.  He may be remotely familiar with God and have some knowledge of God, but not necessarily possess a “working knowledge” of God he can apply to his life on a spiritual level.

The Bible tells us even devils know God (James 2:19).  Certainly, they know of God but not on a personal spiritual level.

Solomon is an example of a man who had considerable knowledge of God but who did not personally know God in his younger years.  He lived foolishly and made many unwise decisions because he was living according to his own desires and ruled by his flesh, rather than the direction and will of God.

Proverbs 15:14 (KJB) The heart of him that hath understanding seeketh knowledge: but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness.

In his later years, Solomon did understand the vanity and foolishness of his ways and possessed a personal relationship with God

Yes, it is possible to have a personal relationship with God and make foolish decisions as mankind sojourns on this earth.  The man and woman of God is being spiritually  perfected this side of heaven.  Their flesh is in a constant battle with their new spiritual nature.  If the child of God chooses to feed his fleshly nature rather than the new nature of God sin will result.  That is why brothers and sisters in Christ can find themselves buried in the stink of a sin filled scandal rather than emitting “spiritual perfume” found in reflecting the righteousness of God.  They have chosen to cater to their fleshly nature rather than be embellished with the nature of God.

The spirit of man resides in his heart and is naturally dead or “spiritually dormant” from his physical birth.  That is why God’s Word says in Romans 3:23 that Man’s heart must be revived or regenerated, because of the natural presence of sin.

The supernatural power of God must be present inside the heart of man for it to team with new spiritual life.  Mankind is either spiritually alive to sin and led by the natural desires of his flesh.  Or he is dead to sin and alive unto the supernatural Spirit of God.

The spirit of man is where spiritual understanding takes eternal hold.  When man’s heart condition is awakened spiritually alive he can understand, discern, and personally relate to the Spirit of God.

open-bible 2 God’s Word has this to say about knowledge:

Proverbs 2:10 (KJB) When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul;

When the knowledge of God (also found in the natural man) spiritually unites with the understanding of God (only present in the regenerated heart) The Word of God and things of a spiritual nature begin to make perfect sense!  The law of God becomes clear, and the renewed man desires to be in tune with the nature of God rather than align with the god of this world.  Mankind is positionally alive, filled with eternal hope, and maturing and growing from faith to faith as he sojourns on this earth.


Mankind’s righteousness will perfectly mature in spirit when he appears in the eternal realm upon his physical death to fellowship with God forevermore. 




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