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Burial, cremation, or composting…Which Honors And Glorifies God?

February 08, 2020

Burial, cremation, or composting…Which Honors And Glorifies God?

Exodus 13:19 (KJB) And Moses took the bones of Joseph with him: for he had straitly sworn the children of Israel, saying, God will surely visit you; and ye shall carry up my bones away hence with you.

I recently read an article about human composting, Ummm what?  Human composting upon death?

Is this method of destroying a body a new green technique promised as an advance in Science?  A new, improved way to dispose of dead bodies upon physical death?  I am personally not fond of this method for it is touted to save green space and to be harmless to the environment. 

However, please take note- my opinion or your opinion does not matter, but God’s view about this method does matter.

Is this body disposal process respectful or disrespectful to God, who lovingly formed each frame? I cannot help but think everything God formed, creation, creatures, angels, and especially humans are all wonderful and valuable.  His love and respect for every person, despite whether each tent of flesh is dead or alive is highly evident. 

Besides, Jesus Christ will return for His saints, and the dead will rise at that time from the grave to be with Him forever.  The resurrection of bodies also happened at the moment of the death of Jesus Christ upon Calvary.  The dead in the grave who knew God rose out of the ground, to be with Christ.

God could form each body over again if that were necessary to reunite a body and soul in eternity. 

However,  I remember how Joseph begged to be buried in his homeland and not in Egypt?  Joseph had sworn to the children of Israel that his bones be brought back to Canaan.  This alone tells me that burial is important and that Moses complied by taking Joseph’s bones to Canaan in Exodus 13:19 for burial.

Throughout God’s Word, burial was a common recorded act for most individuals, saints, and sinners alike. Fire (cremation) was often used in cases of reprobates and as an offering to gods. 

Jesus Christ was buried and rose from the grave, giving us the most prominent example of the importance of proper burial for Jesus Christ was laid to rest in a borrowed tomb.

Burial, cremation, or composting….what honors and glorifies God upon death? Each person must make up his or her mind about what will happen to his body upon physical death.  Not making this choice beforehand leaves the decision up to loved ones who may or may not personally know God or care about eternal matters.

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