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But God Was

January 16th, 2018

But God Was

Acts 7:9 (KJB) And the patriarchs, moved with envy, sold Joseph into Egypt: but God was with him.

There is one word in this sentence that changes the entire meaning of every other word and the eternal direction of this verse:

but God was with him…” this phrase is tucked into the end of this scripture verse.  The word but is the key to grasping the understanding intentioned by God.  Even though Joseph’s immediate circumstances turner rather sour, God was still right by his side.

Not only was God right beside Joseph but God was working in this situation.  He was preparing Joseph for a bright and promising future.  It was hard to see his future or the power and presence of God through the vantage point of Joseph’s current circumstances through a natural vision.  However, Joseph had faith in God for tomorrow.  He did not lose heart in the hard times of today.

All too often we look only at today and cannot envision any good beyond roadblocks stationed right in front of us.  Only when peering through the supernatural vision of God and believe in our heart all the promises of God, can a man have eternal hope for his future beyond the circumstances of today.

Joseph did not allow himself to get caught up and lose hope in the darkness of envy and spiritual turmoil in his life.  He was sustained through trust in the power and presence of God.  Perhaps God has placed a “but” in your life.  A spiritual comma, or pause, son leading to better circumstances around a future corner just ahead in your life.

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