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Calvary – From the Rear-View Mirror

Calvary – From the Rear-View Mirror


You and I are so spiritually privileged to be born in this spiritual Age of Grace having access to God’s great mercy and Grace and a paved a pathway completed by Jesus Christ’s finished work to the heavenly realm.

Our spiritual privileges are unmerited and are many, including precious views of marvelous details hand painted by God upon the canvas of this earth, to read daunting but divine truths inspired to be recorded in God’s Word, and an opportunity to personally know a gracious and loving God who sent His Son to this earth to be the vital shed blood sacrifice upon Calvary for the perpetual removal of all sin.

Through God’s willingness and Jesus Christ’s obedient work upon Calvary we can understand, apply, and experience Calvary’s eternal, internal, and external effects today and forever.   We can divinely see His finished spiritual transaction in two dimensions; past and present.  Perhaps soon we can view God’s whole portrait in three dimensions; past, present, and perpetually.

Yes, the unconditional love of Calvary intimately touches every man, woman, and child born on this earth, however, some individuals repeatedly choose to deny it ignoring everything about His gospel message.  They want nothing to do with His Truth, supernatural power, or dare recognize the spiritual presence of God, and certainly do not desire to live in obedience to Him in this world.

Those who desire to profess a relationship with God can choose to live spiritually securely and snugly wrapped inside the hope and faith provided by the finished work of Jesus while yet sojourning on this earth and immediately be shuttled into the eternal realm upon succumbing to his or her physical death.

Those saints who were alive in Old testament times had to fix their vision upon a monumental spiritual event to happen at an unknown time of God’s choosing in the future.  Ancient mankind had no working knowledge or understanding about the nature of Jesus Christ’s finished work promised to come on the cross.  Though prophecies were revealed, and men and women understood there was a God who had given them a moral law and commandments, they were not able to spiritually decipher and digest the full impact about the dark nature of sin and God’s eternal solution.  Or its monumental impact upon themselves, others, and especially God’s eternal bearing upon their lives.  Many people knew that they were awaiting a king, but were unable tie it together with a man who was divinely God, purported to be a criminal, who was willing to be put to death on a cross even in His innocence and eternal holy character.

Ancient professing Christians certainly lived with a different spiritual viewpoint, then we can enjoy today.  However, mankind has always been redeemed through faith in the work of Christ whether it was a colossal spiritual event yet to come or had already taken place faith placed in God was comprised of the same and unchanging eternal hope.

Thank God for having the privilege of being born in the spiritual climate of today, every man is favored to have both before us and behind us, a much crisper and clearer focus on the never changing eternal and supernatural nature of God, including His Spirit, and His Son Jesus Christ.

Praise God we do not live in the past where a man had to choose almost blindly to place his faith in God prior to having a tangible record of the working of Jesus Christ’s precious shed blood which purchased our spiritual liberty on Calvary.  The potential of His perpetual power waiting is in the here and now just waiting to dwell inside of every willing man, or child who chooses to profess a relationship with Christ repenting from sin and viewing sin as God views it!  A personal relationship with God in ancient times was certainly etched in the same great and swelling faith man employs today.  Now man is privileged to have a past world history complete with intricate eternal details embedded throughout the scenery of this earth which was painted delicately upon our hearts by the divine hand of God spiritually coloring our heart and this world with intriguing swaths of Truth.

Yes, we were divinely born in a time when we can be made spiritually fat and privileged.  We can see the biblical illustrations of the beginning of Jesus Christ’s earthly ministry and follow through until the bitter physical end of His earthly ministry.  We have an inspired and trusted spiritually verified account of His life, burial, and resurrection to read, contemplate upon, and apply unto our lives.

Really, when you put all this power and privilege into a proper eternal perspective, no man has any viable excuse for personally choosing to disregard, or “spiritually snub” the supernatural power, presence, and favor of God. We live in spiritual obvious times if we are ready to pay attention to the many divine pulls and tugs taking place inside our heart.

Sadly, even with all these divinely placed spiritual props and privileges, there are many people who are alive on this earth today who are too busy to pay any attention to anything of God or answer His divine call upon the dark and dreadful condition of their heart.  An ignored and overlooked conscience will eventually be totally deadened and dormant not hearing and personally knowing God.  A person cannot repeatedly choose to ignore His supernatural pleas and expect God to remain spiritually idle about a man’s obliviousness.

Eventually, the holy nature of God must allow a wayward person to flounder and fail in his own frustration.   He must allow their own natural weakness and willingness to waiver, rather than choosing to soar inside His supernatural power and strength as they sojourn in this world so that, perhaps in time they will choose to call out to Him before it is too late.

No matter whether you are soaring high inside a spectacular personal relationship with God, or flailing and floundering in your own frustration and failures, both kinds of men have the same opportunity to meet and serve God.  God does not have “spiritual favorites” or a “chosen” exclusive group of mankind who have a separate and distinct entrance into Heaven.  God desires for all mankind (1 Timothy 2:4) to come to dwell safely inside a personal relationship with Him.

The great news is that His ark door is still open wide and waiting for every man to enter His safety inside the ark!  There is still time for those who are not yet saved, but time is running short for salvation for the time to shutter the door may come tomorrow.  Once the door is shut there will be n more opportunities to have a personal relationship with God.

Big thanks to many of you have been following this devotional series Unwrapping the Gift of Calvary since the very first devotion was published and spent some valuable time contemplating multiple facets of Calvary mentioned, including

The Purpose of The Cross which was where we discovered why the shed blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ was necessary, The Presence of His Supernatural Power examined the presence and potential of God’s power on Calvary, The Selfless Worship which scrutinizes the meaning of life making it all about His goodness, not us,  A Counterfeit Cross which points to many “Wanna Be Christians” who are busy spreading their own brand of false truth, His Precious Shed Blood which pointed out His precious blood was required for removal of sin, The Forgiveness Factor which showcases God’s great unconditional love for every man, woman, and child, The Geographical Account which looks into finding the actual place Calvary took place, The Spiritual Beauty of Calvary highlighting His immense drawing spiritual attraction which is divinely at work inside His spiritual family, The Taxing of His Physical Flesh which describes humiliating and cruel tactics employed upon Him leading up to His sacrificial death on the cross, The Triumph for All Eternity which showers man with eternal hope in His secured spiritual victory, The Healing Power which clearly expresses of His supernatural presence and power at work in this world to relieve ills, injuries, and chronic diseases, The Law of The Cross which explores both the law of God and man’s civil law at work in this world, The Tale of Three Criminals which surveys all three criminals who are introduced to us in the biblical record, and today we will focus on a myriad of features of Calvary From The Rear View Mirror. 

Lastly next week, which is set aside for us to celebrate Easter, we will take a few moments to ponder about the supernatural power of Jesus Christ’s finished work in the last devotion in this series titled Calvary- The Great Spiritual Magnet.

The view after Calvary is to focus mankind upon implementing and emphasizing God and His church into this dark and desperate world.  The book of Acts is all about the Holy Spirit coming to rest inside humbled men and working in God’s churches which were founded and built upon the solid foundation of God’s Word and holy standard:

Acts 5:30 (KJB)   The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.


Acts 10:39 (KJB)   And we are witnesses of all things which he did both in the land of the Jews, and in Jerusalem; whom they slew and hanged on a tree:


Acts 13:29 (KJB)   And when they had fulfilled all that was written of him, they took him down from the tree, and laid him in a sepulchre.


Not only did some early Christians get a firsthand look at the spiritual event of Calvary but rightly chose to apply it to their lives by understanding that Jesus Christ redeemed every man, woman, and child from the oppression of all sin and the curse of the law through His physical death:


Galatians 3:13 (KJB)   Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:


From the onset of a man’s natural birth, the curse of sin and the law hang heavy upon every man as a weight of a millstone strung about his neck.  Sin is found at work in the heart of every person since satan schemed to introduce sin through a spiritual misstep of Eve and the choice of Adam.  Sin is naturally found at work inside each person from birth.  The cross at Calvary is proof that the power of sin is not something that a man can remove himself.  It required the precious shed blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ to defeat and remove sin.  It was a once for all substitutionary death and resurrection which never be repeated because it stands as a completed work forever.

Jesus Christ’s work on Calvary was done for us to bring honor and glory to God.  It was done for our unmerited physical and Spiritual Healing but requires supernatural Power and work of God and a move to obedience by man.  God requires every man to act upon His calling.

God divinely calls every man to get up and walk rather than sit and sour in both the pews and gutters of this world.


John 5:8 (KJB)   Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.


Tidbits of His Truth are dynamic in nature, once dispersed, are spread both far and wide (Isaiah 55:11) accomplishing His spiritual business according to His will.  God’s message divinely tugs at a spiritually famished heart condition inside lost men, women, and children.  There is nothing, aside from the presence and power of God, which can satisfy the famine and corruption brewing inside a lost person’s heart.

Calvary is a great magnet beckoning spiritual attraction on this earth serving a divine purpose of drawing the wayward ill heart of mankind.  Not only can a man hear about the great spiritual power of the cross and read about it in His Word, but every man can decide for himself whether to be personally affected by its great eternal drawing power upon his heart or not. A man must make a personal decision to humbly agree with God about sin and repent.  Or by continuing to live in opposition to God by loving his sin and choosing to serve the god of this world. God can take a darkened spiritual heart of stone and make it into a soft and spiritually pliable heart, ready for the eternal application of the gospel of His Word, however, He will not force Himself upon any heart.

This verse was written from an Old Testament perspective in early New Testament times looking ahead towards the cross.  Jesus Christ was foretelling of His death on the cross in His earthly ministry.

Today we have the divine perspective of looking back to His death on the cross today, and a glimpse forwards to the end of the world as we know it today. 

Yes, Jesus Christ was lifted up just as the serpent in the wilderness was lifted up, so was Jesus Christ for the spiritual benefit of all mankind.

Yes, Jesus Christ will return to earth one day soon to redeem His spiritual saints.

One day His great spiritual magnet of love will no longer draw the hearts of men.


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