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Calvary – The Contempt and Poison of Politics

Calvary – The Contempt and Poison of Politics


Luke 23:34 (KJB)   Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

Jesus Christ supernaturally rose above the hatred and evil division rampant on this earth through the power of God to both express and extend His unconditional love, mercy, and grace available for all mankind.

The natural man is filled with contempt and hatred for the Truth of God.  His heart is naturally at war, or in opposition to His goodness and grace. However, this does not dampen or destroy the will of God in any circumstance, whether it be in heaven or on this earth.  The crowd, the soldiers, the men of authority, along with the hearts of many present were bursting with bitterness and animosity about the message of Truth Jesus Christ introduced to them.  Especially when hearing Jesus Christ profess to be The Son of God.  This truth garnered fire in their ears and evil fervor to stir many hearts.

Especially when hearing Jesus Christ profess to be The Son of God.  This truth garnered fire in their ears and evil fervor to stir many hearts.  Wicked men do not ever take kindly particularly to this truth, whether it be in ancient history or today.

Imagine this scene playing out before your eyes as wicked men sought for His arrest and conviction.  They battered and bruised His body.  They placed a crown of thorns on His head and stripped Jesus Christ of His clothes, placing a purple robe upon Him.  Purple has always been a color used to highlight royalty, authority, and kingship.  Placing this robe on His tattered body was an attempt to mock Him about His verbal claim of being the Son of God.  His proclaimed royalty was serious and sincere, but spiritually caustic for those who did not believe Him.

Yes, these people really did not know exactly what they were doing in placing Jesus Christ upon the cross.  However, they were being used according to the will and way of God through the evil nature or men.

Jesus Christ’s eternal royal position is not in man’s power to give away or to attempt render powerless.  This wicked crowd desired to bring Jesus Christ down to their dark and evil level, rather than allowing Him to raise their life by meeting with Him personally, being made spiritually tall and positionally placed upon His supernaturally holy level.  Man cannot ever rise to meet God in his own weakness, it takes the fuel of faith and the availability of the supernatural power of God, resting in the finished work of His Son Jesus Christ on Calvary, to move a man from resting in Himself to reliance upon the presence and strength of God.

This toxic spiritual and political atmosphere in the time immediately surrounding Calvary did not thwart the will and way of God.  He can and will use the evil spiritual disposition of any man, woman, child, crowd, or church, or whatever is relevant, to usher in His perfect will.  God used the hearts of this crowd, including Judas His disciple, the Roman governing officials of the land, the wavering of Pilate, and the Kangaroo Court Lawyers of the Sanhedrin all to serve His divine purposes in bringing about the shed blood sacrificial death of Jesus Christ as a permanent covering for the sin debt of mankind.

God paved an eternal highway to eternity in the heavenly realm right through the disobedience of many men hinged upon the willing obedience of His Servant.

Yes, the crowd was loud and unanimous in calling for the release of a criminal named Barabbas and for the crucifixion of an innocent man and God, who was Jesus Christ.

Yes, Jesus Christ was both in the flesh and in the Spirit, God.

Though the crowd did press for the physical death of this man, they could not change or diminish the eternal nature of the will of God.

In closing, think about the many judicial practices, laws, and governing which come from biblical roots as established in God’s Word.  Even though the natural man does not want to hear that Jesus Is God, or allow God’s Ten Commandments to hang in a courtroom, yet many of the laws on the books and expressed in the Constitution of our land stem from the authority of God and are permanently rooted in truths He presented to man, through the obedience and servant heart of Moses, in ancient biblical times.

Perhaps even the release of a criminal by the practice of presidential pardoning is derived from ancient biblical times.

Yes, crowds still raise their voices today in protest with closely held personal opinions.  Yes, some demonstrations can become quite disorderly with criminal acts, or terror-related crimes.

Yes, some demonstrations can become quite disorderly with criminal acts, or terror-related crimes.

Yes, politics can still often be dirty, as it was also in ancient historical times.

The time of Jesus’s earthly ministry, and in the time of the rise of the Babylonian empire are two eras of History that come quickly to my mind as examples of perilousness of politics were swayed in an ungodly direction led by opinions and selfish desires rooted in mankind.  The Babylonians conquered and held many captive, including Daniel and his young friends, who, when told they could not pray, were determined to serve God even if it went against the authority of the king and ungodly laws for God’s authority was relevant and above that of this land.

Jesus Christ faced political persecution but was determined to fulfill the will of God willingly, without hesitation or expressing any personal defense of Himself (Isaiah 53:7). He faced grave persecution and was cruelly hung on the cross like a thief, even though He was innocent, ending His physical life, just as prophesied in God’s Word.

God takes divine care of every servant who willingly faces persecution and even his or her own death.  Ultimately, the demonstrations, the opinion of the crowd, the Roman soldiers, and the governing officials, did not bring physical death upon Jesus Christ.  He could have summoned legions of angels to save His life if He desired.  Jesus Christ gave His life for purchasing the sin debt of all mankind, giving every person an opportunity for possessing eternal life.

The short verse says it all:

John 15:13 (KJB)   Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.


The opinion of mankind is eternally weak and worthless when placed against the timeless truths and supernatural power and unconditional love and mercy of God.  Often, the natural man can be found to be overbearing, demanding, loud, and garish and always seeking to push and manipulate others into getting his own way.  Yes, he gets his own way is often heading down a wide pathway leading to death and hell.

God’s will and way are always spiritually prominent in the lives of every genuine child of God and always brought to pass. 

God’s own spiritual family rises above dirty politics and the wayward opinions of man.  The regenerate man is given divine power and protection spiritually complimenting or harmonizing with his obedience and fruit production.

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