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Calvary – The Unconditional Love and Redemption

April 5, 2020

Calvary – The Unconditional Love and Redemption

Revelation 5:9 (KJB)   And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation.

Let us take a few moments to reflect on this crowd who was singing praises one day and calling for Jesus Christ’s death a few days later.  People can often be fickle, but God never changes (Hebrews13:8).  Do you know that God loves the men and women calling for His death in the crowd just as much as He loves the repentant sinner who chooses humble agreement with God’s view of sin?  He loves the Apostle John just as much as He does, Judas.

However, A man must be intimately familiar with the sum of God, including His unconditional love, the need for personal repentance, and have a desire to serve God. A man cannot have a spiritual bond with God by just being familiar with His great love and mercy.  A man must also recognize His personal need for redemption and regeneration only available inside a personal relationship with God.

Let’s focus intently upon The Lamb, who was slain and redeemed humanity.  This scripture verse from the book of Revelation is speaking of none other than The Lamb, who is Jesus Christ.  Yes, He is worthy.  This verse from the Bible book of Revelation provides a dramatic look back to His shed blood sacrifice upon the cross at Calvary.  It is He, who is the only one who is worthy of delivering us, without merit, from the throes of death and spiritual defeat!

Jesus Christ is the Savior of the whole world, every nation and tongue, knowing this in the heart limits racial posturing, often found at work on this earth.  Jesus Christ was sent by God to purchase the naturally born dead Spirit of every man upon Calvary.  Jesus Christ willingly and obediently fulfilled God’s spiritual transaction, eternally redeeming your soul and mine from the confines of death, giving His own life as a once for all sacrifice for sin.

There is no need for any further shed blood sacrifices for Jesus Christ’s precious shed blood paid the price once for all sin!

The setting of this verse is in the future at the eternal realm at the throne of God, The Father.  Jesus Christ is handed the deed of the earth divinely purchased with His precious shed blood.  His willingness to buy the spiritual soul of humanity was with the high price of His death.  Doing so is undoubtedly a marvelous and mighty unselfish deed which only accomplished through the supernatural power and presence of God.

This ultimate spiritual feat made Jesus Christ the only one who is, and forever will be, worthy to open the seals on this book presented to Him by God in the presence of the twenty and four elders around the throne His splendid throne.    Jesus Christ purchased or bought back; every sin-filled heart condition of man through His shed blood sacrifice.  With this transaction, He took on Himself the consequences of every sin; past, present, and for the entire future.  Jesus Christ tasted death for the sinful heart condition of every man presenting each person a free opportunity to live with God forever.

Yes, Jesus Christ, because of His great sacrifice on Calvary, is the only one found worthy to open the seals of this holy book.  The contents were not revealed in ancient times or known to any man today.  It is not certain what will come forth from within this book at the time appointed by God as these seals are divinely broken. There is truth recorded in the Bible book of Revelation concerning our future and speculation from any man in this world about what is to come in our future. There is both fearful trepidation and spiritual interest among men about digging into this divinely inspired book containing the Revelation of God for a glimpse of future events as recorded by the Apostle John.  John divinely lifted into the third heaven and able to peer into the future. However, though John was awestruck and marveled at what he saw, He was not allowed to record all that he could see, because God declared it was not yet time for these things to be revealed.

We do know that this earth, as we know it today, will come to an abrupt fiery end as God’s judgments and revelations are presented and supernaturally applied upon this earth.  Jesus Christ will come to eternally reign and rule in His new earthly kingdom.

Not only did Jesus Christ die, but most importantly, He rose from the grave, eternally removing the sting of sin and death for all humanity.  He arose unto a new spiritual life so that every man can drop their filthy robe covered in sin and put on a new white robe blanketed in God’s holiness and righteousness.

God desires that every man, woman, and child is included as perpetual residents of His new kingdom spiritually alive rather than spiritually dead and devastated forever.  Yes, God desires that you and I are perpetual residents of heaven and will be in fellowship with Him now and always.

As this scripture verse from revelation states, every redeemed man’s heart rings loud and clear with a new and spiritually distinct song.  God does place a new spiritual melody inside the hearts of every man, woman, and child who has chosen to have a personal relationship with Him.  This new spiritual song does not sound like the myriad of music playing with a beat consistent with the tune of the god of this world.  A heavenly new song is a spiritual song set apart and set aside solely for bringing honor and glory to God rather than playing with our emotions or for lifting undeserved fame pointing towards man.

All glory and honor go to God, never to humanity.

Because Jesus Christ chose to be a willing participant, obeying the will of God, even though it ushered in His physical death upon Calvary, and His resurrection from the grave, every man and woman can have a new spiritual song ringing out from his or her softened and redeemed heart. The indwelling presence of God at work in the hearts of spiritually regenerated men and women will perpetually play a harmony of joy on this earth and a melody forever in the eternal realm.

What about the spiritual condition of your heart?  Is the tune playing inside your heart pleasing to God, or is it a bad sounding jingle of a beating a drum which is both hideous and hostile towards God’s will and holy way?

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