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Chewing the Meat and Spitting Out Bones

Matthew 7:15 (KJB)   Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Sincere Christians must have the keen ability to properly judge both preaching and teaching  in these days in which we live.  For we live in the last days which are filled with many spiritual heretics which the Bible so clearly warns us about.  The truths of God are carefully crafted together or merged with messages containing false teaching.  Some pulpits present a carefully packaged mumbo jumbo similar in sound and look to God’s true gospel, but the reality is that they are far from the proven Truth of God’s Word.

False prophets of ancient biblical times we reason were perhaps easier to spot and avoid because their predictions and spiritual calculations did not come to pass.  Today, however, there is no more prophecy to reveal.  God’s Word is complete and ready for our studying and application into our life.  This means mankind must be actively involved in the process of hearing the message and perusing it for known truths along with the modern leaven of hypocrisy.

How can the professing Christian today victoriously discern God’s Truth from false preaching?  It is simple, start with following these scriptural principles (Psalms 119:11, Acts 17:11, and 2nd Timothy 2:15).  These scripture verses are all designed to encourage the professing Christian to ingest, digest, and properly apply God’s Word to his or her life.  Doing so will prepare you to “spiritually poke and prod” apart each message you hear.  It will shed light on those lessons which are filled with the Truth of God’s Word and direct you to flee away from those teachers who are busy masquerading as “spiritual imposters” busy spreading false preaching and heresies in this world.

There are many biblical examples of individuals failing to hear and apply God’s precepts and commandments:

Eve was caught in sin because she did not intimately know what God said as the clever devil twisted His words.

Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt because she refused to believe what God said.

Even Peter failed to hear and apply the truth, choosing to deny he knew Jesus three times.

The light and double edged sharpness of the sword of God’s Word (Hebrews 4:12) and the protection of God’s spiritual armor detailed in Ephesians chapter 6 will help you better discern and illuminate and be protected from any false bones of “spiritual meat” found in messages you hear.  The Truth of God’s Word always shines with His light and works to produce a bountiful harvest of spiritual fruit apparent in the life of a preaching man or teaching woman of God.

Prosperity teaching and popular false teachers, preachers, prophetesses, and self-proclaimed messengers of God such as Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer and Paul Crouch, to name a few of a growing assembly of spiritual wannabees,” are purveyors of false doctrine.  Their messages can be “sliced and diced” with the knife of God’s Truth to clearly reveal their extrabiblical teaching and preaching.


The regenerate man can always clearly discern and parlay messages containing true spiritual meat from the bones and scraps through application of the unlimited supernatural power of God’s Word.  Therefore, with many available “spiritual tools” man is without excuse for believing and following false doctrine generated in this world.





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