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Christ is the Head of Every Man

Christ is the head of every man, woman, and child.

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Yes, biblical submission is important.

This is a true statement, regardless of whether a person chooses to acknowledge or ignore the presence of God.

This truth never changes and is not dependent upon whether a person chooses to agree with God.

God divinely has all authority and power in this world and in the eternal realm since the beginning and forevermore.  It is etched in stone and aligns perfectly with the gospel message found in God’s Word.  Yes, some people intentionally live like they are indeed their own authority operating outside of God’s triangle according to their own will, however, the Bible clearly teaches that God is the head of every person and divinely upholds all authority over them.

Ultimately, all things reside underneath God’s feet, including the church and this world.  Every individual will be personally called to give an answer about how they chose to live their life as they sojourn in this world.  A man’s life is not his own to do and live as he pleases.

Ephesians 1:22-23 (KJB) And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church, 23 Which is his body, the fulness of him that filleth all in all.

Not only is God in authority over all individuals, but he is the reigning authority over His church both in this world and in the eternal realm.  The mention of His church is pointing to those individual hearts who are saved as well as speaking of buildings erected and named as churches, or houses of God, in this world, and around His throne in the eternal realm.  God’s church is collectively meant to include every person who has a quickened alive heart divinely awakened to God’s personal call for his or her life.  The church then is the body of Christ who has chosen to acknowledge His supernatural presence and power at work in their life, in this world, and in eternity.

It is not enough for a man or a woman to declare that he or she knows about things of Christ, for everyone, even those who serve the god of this world, do accurately recognize who God is.  Every person was born into this world has been given an innate knowledge of God.  Therefore, a man must both profess a personal relationship with God and choose to identify with Him by following His direction, correction, and be intimately aware of His will for his or her life.  A literal acknowledgment of God at work in the mind is different than having a working presence of God inside a spiritually quickened heart.

An application of His supernatural presence and power in the life of a child of God always produces inward thoughts as well as outward actions which agree in unison with the holiness and righteousness of God.

Adversely, a man or woman who chooses to oppose God elects to stand in contempt of His sanctified and righteous nature in his heart and mind and this eternally unfavorable affects him and grieves the holy and righteous nature of God.

A man is either with God or he is against Him.

Knowing this you can better understand not only is God ultimately the head of every person but personally knowing Him is paramount to having a right heart condition and right relationship with Him and subsequently a right relationship with others.  God has set the spiritual precedent for all relations.  A spiritual relationship pattern for a person to follow in this world and for all eternity.

Therefore, a person who desires to have lasting, fruitful, and loving relationships must first be in a position of having a right spiritual heart relationship with God.  This is the only solid foundation all other relationships can be constructed upon.  A person cannot choose to oppose God and expect to have loving, meaningful, and respectful relationships with others.  Whether it be a working relationship in a career, a strong and lasting marriage bond, to enjoy close relationships with siblings or one’s own children, a growing and maturing spiritual environment with a dear pastor and other leaders, or to respect the leadership and authority of a teacher in a meaningful learning environment, vital to finding success in any one of these relational areas is to have a working understanding of submission to authority and that always begins and ends with a personal relationship with God.

Submission to authority always begins its course as a person chooses to be submissive to the presence and authority of God inside his own heart and life.  This first important step leads to building up of other meaningful relationships and associations.  A spiritual course or “pecking order” established for paving the way for other potential connections in this world.

1 Corinthians 11:2-3 (KJB) Now I praise you, brethren, that ye remember me in all things, and keep the ordinances, as I delivered them to you. 3 But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.

God declared an ordinance concerning subjection unto Him since the beginning.  All relationships commence at the top of His “spiritual triangle” being divinely constructed and “spiritually glued together” by God inside a personal relationship with Him.  Any other associations flow outward from this triangle to include all other relationships under the same fortified spiritual umbrella.  Otherwise, a man is stretched inordinately both to the left and to the right without having a conglomeration of God at the top for holding him together and preventing any dangerous outward broadening into the spiritual dark and deadly territory that naturally surrounds a person on all sides.

The supernatural order of godly relationships entails in a specific spiritual manner from the top downward.  This divine order is not intended to fluctuate or vary even when subjected to the many effects of contrary winds blowing about in this world as quickened alive men or women sojourn on this earth:

Christ is subject to God, a man is subject to Christ, and a woman is subject to man. 


Now, perhaps upon hearing or reading about God’s supernatural relationship structure, it may sound like an imposition or a daunting rule to you and seem exclusive rather than inclusive in associations with Him and with others.  Maybe it does not seem flattering or plausible for any person to choose to apply this kind of defined order to his or her life.  However, doing so is vital for mankind simply because it was perfectly arranged by Him, commanded of Him, and because God’s structure always has both a man’s and a woman’s best spiritual interests at heart.  God always sees the end from the beginning and knows what you need, when you need it, and why.  You can trust God to always have your best spiritual welfare in mind as He directs your pathway in this world.

However, sadly, there are not many real men or real women found living in this world.

What? Did I just proclaim that there are few genuine men and women living in this world?

Yes, indeed I did.  There is a difference in being born as a man in this world and choosing to live like a man as God intended.  Yes, there is a huge population of men but few real men are found choosing to live for God in this world.  The very same inference goes for women.  There are many women living in this world, but very few are found to be sojourning brightly as Proverbs 31 ladies in this dreary world.

A man or woman desiring to serve God’s heart will willingly choose to place God first in his or her life.  Not only that, but he or she will willingly subject him or herself to God’s divine structure.  Doing so allows God’s supernatural and unlimited parameters to rest upon all things in his or her life, both in this world and perpetually in eternity.

Certainly, you also understand that not choosing to live in subjection to God adversely applies eternally severe and unpleasant limitations to his life, in this world and forever in eternity.  A man or woman are precariously limited inside their own resources by choosing to exist without the supernatural power and grace of God.  They choose to step out into an eternal dark pit on their own making rather than rest in the free gift of the goodness and grace available execlusively from God.

Whereas a godly man naturally chooses to live in subjection to things of God inside a personal relationship with His Son Jesus Christ.  Just as Jesus Christ was willing to answer to His Father God, a spiritually rejuvenated man in this world is willing to live and answer to the spiritual constraints and eternal freedom found with Christ.

Lastly, choosing to live as God intends, affects all a person’s relationships.  A godly man desires to lead his life in such a way that he is one with Christ.  Seeing this example, his wife willingly submits to God’s leadership as she willingly submits herself personally to Christ.  A godly man’s model directs her to live in subjection to God herself. This is a perfect illustration for both the husband and the wife of how to live a Galatians 2:20. God’s supernatural freedom is naturally found thriving and flourishing inside a personal relationship with Christ.  However, beware, a person who chooses to live a life without the presence and power of Christ lives a spiritually dangerous life and models this to all his or her other associations.

Now, please note an important word which helps in this spiritual unfolding of a biblical definition of the word submission is found in God’s Word and easily found in the above verses: 1 Corinthians 11:2-3.

The word is willingly.

This word truly characterizes what an eternally sturdy relationship structure between God and His Son Jesus Christ, a godly man and Jesus Christ, and a godly woman and her husband truly entails.  To be identified as willingly submissive to God means a man or woman, of his or her own accord, choose to allow the authority of God to lovingly rest upon their head and work inside their spiritually quickened heart as they stand “spiritually tall” in humble spiritual agreement with Him.  In both their application and their action their natural desires become aligned with His supernatural desires as they willingly submit to His authority and will for their life and encompass a right spiritual standing with God.

Many today would suggest that to live in submission to God is more like a collaring, or demanding relationship which harshly effects and limits who they are and what they desire to accomplish in this world.  Many people have great difficulty with any notion of implementing this relationship command of God.  The thought of applying submission in their life, foremost with God, personally among friends, and in the confines of a marital relationship is truly frightening.

Why?  Because life is all about them and what they desire to do.  Many perhaps feel that following God’s “idea” or “suggestion” about how to have a godly submissive relationship is really choosing to embrace a comprise about who they are and what they intend to do with their life.

Sadly, the truth is that God does not simply give mankind ideas or suggestions in hopes that he or she will apply them to their life.  Rather God has revealed His commandments, precepts, and expectations desiring that a man or a woman will want to follow Him personally and electing out of a softened heart to apply His commandments in their relationships, including marriage, as they sojourn in this world.

Many instantly perceive the word submission as a “bad word” or a trigger for something barbaric and “old fashioned” and therefore, applying as choosing to follow a strict and unforgiving structure which is demanding, like a “caveman-like attitude” as wrongly depicted in a variety of comics and movies.  Many question how possibly a godly man dares to express godly guidelines and shrewdly expect his wife to “fall in line” to these antiquated demands of her husband.  Or that a godly woman demands and expects her husband to “walk a straight line” with her and God in their marriage.

No, this kind of perceived relationship nonsense is not what God has in mind for you, or commands for you to practice as a part of your spiritual life.  As a man or woman is in subjection to God so shall he or she also be aligned with his or her spouse.  Your position with Christ is played out inside the standing of all other relationships.

Spiritual deduction concludes that a right standing with God alludes to a right standing with mankind.

Yes, men who are at odds with God can take a biblical concept about living in subjection and twist it into an inappropriate expectation not suitable for any woman to hear or follow.  Certainly, doing so is never honorable and glorifying to God.

The Bible never implores for a godly woman to simply choose to “fall into line” with the commands of any man, especially one who has expectations for her which are not biblical.  If a man aligns with God’s standards then he will never ask or expect a woman to be in line with such crude and unbiblical values she has no natural desire to meet.  Her new nature rests with God and naturally aligns with His code of conduct rather than any rude and unpolished dark desires at work in this world.

A godly woman uses her God given wisdom and discernment, found only inside a personal relationship with God, for intentionally following Him and determining His specific will for her life.  God will always disclose His divine direction and pathway for a man or woman is to follow in every relationship as he or she dwells in a personal relationship with God.  God does not ever place a godly professing man or woman of Christ in mysterious and malevolent circumstances of which he or she has no clear pathway or choice.  Rather God always provides every godly person with a purpose, an eternal direction, uplifting correction, and discloses an eternal destination for him or her as they sojourn in this world.

A person who finds him or herself repeatedly in adverse circumstances can certainly trace a continual presence of dark and desperate conditions back to a fork in their spiritual road. Just like Lot and his wife met up with a fork in the road where each of them had to decide to follow the ways of God, or not.  Lot chose to follow but his wife’s heart remained behind in her old way of life and she was turned into a useless pillar of salt.

A man is always his worst spiritual enemy.

A series of ungodly decisions always lay behind where a man or woman was led to live without the indwelling presence of God, or perhaps chose to ignore the commandments and corrections of God and unequivocally squashed any attempts for Him to will and work inside his or her heart.

If a man or woman does not have a relationship or a right standing with God he or she will never have a right relationship with their spouse or others.  In a marriage, a man or woman must rely upon his or her relationship with God first and foremost, before choosing to demand or debate any expectations on his or her spouse inside a marriage.  God has already designed and made it possible to implement a successful marriage, beginning with a sturdy foundation of His divine design.  This starts with God’s ordered premise that every marriage is to be between a man and a woman (Genesis 2:18-25) and each marriage to divinely include godly based submission standards according to His divine relationship triangle.  For best relational results, each spouse must be determined to fall in line with the structure God has placed upon him or her in their own relationship with Jesus Christ, therefore meeting together at the head of the triangle.  Then and only then is a man ready to submit to Christ and his wife, and a godly woman willingly and ready to submit to God and her godly man in a God honoring marriage relationship.


Choosing to be submissive in any relationship always requires a tender heart which lies in agreement with God.  The presence of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ at work in a person’s life must preclude all other relationships.  A godly alliance naturally follows in alignment and submission to others in our relationships, whether it be as brothers and sisters in Christ, a father to his child, a mother to her daughter, a sibling, or a godly marriage union. 

Submission is vital in all our relationships, and of foremost importance in our relationship with God.

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