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Clinging Makes Marriage Cohesive

June 14th, 2019

Clinging Makes Marriage Cohesive

Genesis 2:24 (KJB) Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

God calls a woman to leave the authority of her parents and cleave to her husband.  Her parents were her earthly authority growing up, but upon the day of her marriage, she is to cling to the leadership and authority of her husband.  Not cling to her parents, her siblings, her friends, her coworker, or whomever she may errantly choose to reveal circumstances and or confide in about her marriage.  She is to cling and cleave to her husband, period.

Some of you may bristle upon hearing this verse.  Or perhaps be instantly opposed to its “ancient message,” saying it is not relevant for today.  Especially in the hearts of women set on following the ways of this world rather than follow the decrees of God.  Or a man who does not want to take on the responsibility of a wife and a marriage.  These are problem areas that have no place in a marriage union and should be addressed BEFORE a marriage ceremony takes place.

Let’s take a few moments to sift through the meaning and intent of this verse there are a lot of false beliefs and misconceptions floating out there concerning God’s leave and cleave proclamation.  No, it does not mean a husband is “in charge” or “lords over” over his wife.  Or that a wife must be silent, be stepped on like a doormat, and must listen and obey the commands of her obnoxious husband.

Really, the truth is simple.  The meaning of this directive from God in this verse is to solidify and strengthen a marriage union between a man, a woman, and God.  Too many marriages today are far from being a union with God and split and apart by irreconcilable differences.  Too often rifts are caused by well-meaning friends and family who desire to direct the marriage through one spouse or both the man or his wife.  A couple must rely upon God for direction in their marriage union as the man assumes his role as leader and provider and the woman desires to be the wife and helpmeet of her husband.

Only a man and a woman joined in marriage with God can make a marital relationship work as is intended.  When others affect and hinder a marriage most often a relationship goes awry and contrary to God’s leading for the couple.  Contention is inevitable anytime outside interference is permissible or sought after by one or both spouses.  A marriage with God unifies the man and the woman together with God into an unbreakable and harmonious cord.


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