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Confront or Conform

May 22nd, 2018

Confront or Conform

Galatians 6:1 (KJB) Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.

A man of God has two choices when it comes to flagrant sin at work in the life of a brother or sister in Christ.

He can choose to biblically confront the sin.  Or conform to the sin and invite distance away from God and temptation to form in his own life.

One choice can lead to godly intentioned spiritual restoration while the other can lead to personal ruin.  Sin is dangerous, even in small portions.  A small dab can take a foothold continuing to grow and multiply, perhaps festering into greater and greater sin.  That is why it is so dangerous to allow known sin to sit and sour for it can be whipped up into a “spiritual firestorm” in a short span of time.

Confronting sin, on the other hand, may be unpleasant at first.  A person does not like for his sin to be “spiritually filleted” and laid open before him.  However, a child of God bent on serving Him will accept constructive criticism and solid teaching based on the truths of God’s Word.  He will delight in being corrected for his spiritual maturity and for furthering the gospel of Christ.

Confronting a fool, or an unbeliever with the truth often leaves him angry and frustrated with you, God, and far from having any eternal fellowship.

A child of God will desire to confront sin rather than allow it to persist.  Choosing to let sin fester, in your life and others, will always lead down a harrowing pathway for conforming to a weaker standard than that which agrees with God.  Doing so can lead to dangerous spiritual business.

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