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David Asked Himself a Great Question

November 27th, 2017

David Asked Himself a Great Question

Psalm 116:12 (KJB) What shall I render unto the LORD for all his benefits toward me?

David was overly concerned about another who had spoken ill of him.  Rather than continuing to concentrate any further with misdirected energy on this particular incident, David chose to refocus his mind upon things of God.

Wow! What a way to remove oneself from fretting over an adverse situation and move victoriously on to things of an eternal nature.  Sometimes a man or woman does get stuck in a spiritual reverse gear during an adverse situation working in this world.  Our attention gets easily sidetracked from God to ourselves to the point where we cannot bring ourselves to look to God being fixated on such a troubling trial or situation at hand in our life.

It is them that we must stop and ask ourselves a question or two just like David did in this scripture verse.  Once a man chooses to pause and reflect upon any given situation from God’s point of view he can allow God to deal with it and work according to His will and way.  Once a man steps back and allows God to handle things he realizes the great spiritual benefits and blessing God freely provides to each of His spiritual children free of charge and with effects lasting forevermore.

Sometimes asking ourselves the right questions can propel us, like it did David, to allow God to work in bringing about His spiritual benefit in adverse situations.  We cannot truly handle opposition in our own strength.  It is always necessary to involve the presence of His supernatural strength and stamina.

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