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Each Morning Brings A New Opportunity

August 30, 2020

Each Morning Brings A New Opportunity

Psalm 30:5 (KJB) For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

Aren’t you glad that the anger and chastening of the Lord last for such a short time?  This scripture verse tells us that joy comes in the morning.  This is true in the spiritual time frame in which we live today; joy is always waiting just around the corner!  Even in those times, when we face the chastening of the Lord, his joy is still waiting to calm and soothe our hearts in the next moment.

Think about that, after every heartache, time f trouble, and every morning the very moment you open your eyes. God presents a new opportunity each day for us to tell somebody about Him and to usher His joy into a new life.  Though we face times of discouragement and shed tears, endure hardships, and face trials, God remains at our side in any difficulty we may face.

However, a day is coming when joy will not be anywhere to be found in the next moment or morning.  At this very moment, we live in the age of grace.  It is at this time that God allows repentant hearts to come before him and to confess our sin and to receive his gift of grace without merit.  Once Jesus Christ comes back to collect the souls of His spiritual family and the tribulation period ensues, joy is no longer be possible on this earth for wickedness will flourish, and all things will be destroyed.

I hope you recognize the joy of the Lord and will share a personal relationship with Him before it is too late.  One day soon, the events of the last days will be set into motion with the return of Christ to this earth.  Then it will be too late for any lost souls to receive the lasting presence and continual joy of the Lord.

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