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Earthly Ranking Means Nothing

June 4th, 2019

Earthly Ranking Means Nothing

Romans 2:11 (KJB) For there is no respect of persons with God.

When the Lord returns, or upon your physical death in this world, earthly rank and privilege will be of no value.  What a man strives for accomplishing on this earth has no meaning in the eternal realm.

The Bible clearly tells us that a priest, a master, a mistress, a seller, a lender, and the taker of usury will all face the same standard of judgment as will common, or lay people.  It is true, whether they be a servant, a housekeeper, a buyer, and a borrower there is no respect of persons with God, as is recorded for our learning and consideration in the book of Romans.

God’s realm does not operate on a Wallstreet economy.  Nor does God care about your social standing, your financial means, your job, or your title or your position in this world.  None of these earthly standards matter once you leave this earth.

For God, any man is merely a human with a saved or lost soul.  The truth is that every person must personally meet with God and give an answer for his life; whether he was aligned with God or associated with the god of this world.  Sadly, many fail to revere God while they live in this world, but you see, all the individuals who have no time carved out for meeting and personally mingling with God as they exist in this world, will undoubtedly meet with God at a time and place of His choosing.

At the time a man meets with God in eternity his perpetual dwelling will be ready and waiting for him, whether it be in sweet spiritual fellowship or without Him in the fires of Hell.  Each person will give an answer to God about his or her life on God’s terms and turf rather than his own determinations and desires.

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