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Faith and Fear Go Hand in Hand

September 9th, 2017

Faith and Fear Go Hand in Hand

Hebrews 11:1 (KJB)   Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Faith calls for you to place your trust in something that you cannot see but, none the less, you believe is real or spiritually substantial.  A man can choose to place faith or fear into something that he cannot see but believes it is or will be real or tangible at some point in time.

Both faith and fear beg you to strongly believe and place hope in something or someone.

The context of the word faith in this scripture verse is about placing faith in the power and presence of God.  In fact this chapter of the book of Hebrews goes on to talk about saints included in a “Spiritual Faith Hall of Fame” of sorts who, despite their immediate circumstances or abilities, chose to place their faith in God for the outcome of whatever adverse or spiritually complicated situation was at hand in their life.  These were not individual choices made for simple or small matters, but these were weighty spiritual decisions permanently affecting their perpetual destination.

Faith placed in God always returns spiritual dividends, while faith placed in things or people of this world, can produce a profit, at least for a while.  Any gain produced in this world is subject to rot and destruction.  Any gain at the hands of God will last forever.

Fear of things in this world has no lasting increase, in this world or any spiritual profit in the eternal realm.

Fear of God while sojourning in this world works to produce a heart of faith which is soft and pliable towards the will and way of God for profiting both now and forever.

Yes, it is always eternally profitable to place your personal faith in things of God and perpetually valuable to fear God rather than distress about any circumstance or person of this world. 

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