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Fear God

June 24, 2020

Fear God

Proverbs 9:10 (KJB) The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

A healthy fear of God is a foundational building block in building godly wisdom and holiness in the life of every sincere child of God.  Parents can introduce their young offspring to God in a variety of ways, including through the majesty of this earth, necessary discipline, and by reading and studying His Word from the early stages of learning to read and write in the home.

From a young age, each person needs to develop a healthy fear of God.  This sturdy foundation begins as earthly parents introduce an awareness of the attributes of God, rules of authority, and chastening to their child.  In doing so, this also establishes for them the importance of heeding discipline and in following order.  Recognizing God’s authority sets boundaries and limits that align with His character and expectations rather than align with the ways of the god of this world.

When a young child is introduced to the ways of God, he or she begins to desire the wisdom, understanding, satisfaction, and lasting peace that only comes from Him.  Fearing God rather than humanity is a building block that can lead a heart to place trust in God, deepening wisdom and to understand eternal things and to live forever.

Sadly, though, those who never learn to fear God never realize the endless spiritual potential in identifying with God and choose rather waste their life away in the wickedness of this world facing certain death.

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