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…Feed Thy Kids Beside The Shepherds’ Tents

Preserved Words Bible Studies a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

Song of Solomon

…feed thy kids beside the shepherds’ tents.

Song 1:8 If thou know not, O thou fairest among women, go thy way forth by the footsteps of the flock, and feed thy kids beside the shepherds’ tents.

   Read, first, verse 7 again. SHE asked to know where he fed his flock. She said that she did not want to sit under another shepherd, look like a traitor, or deserter, OR be seen as loyal to, or wanting ANY other shepherd! WHY should I lie in temptations, or turn aside… from THEE? I say again… she loved HIM, not another Shepherd. (Note, SHE did not know, at that time, that he was the king… WE do! What does that say to us?) He now answers her, and as we are looking at this book in it’s reference to the church of Jesus Christ, our verse above is most instructive. Solomon, as a type of Christ, answers her. Here, too, he describes her as “fairest among women.” (How do you think Jesus feels about His church? Can He say that of US, as His church?)

   Note also, that he did not rebuke her for asking! He said, O thou fairest among women. He is affectionate with her. Jesus is with us, too! Do we thank Him? If we don’t get anything else out of this study, I pray that it leads us much closer to the Great Shepherd… of our souls. (Heb. 13:20)

    Do you want to know where Jesus feeds? Do you go through life seeking… or haphazard and accidental? Are we really to float, and get scraps… accidentally? Do you know where He feeds? Are we “His flock,” as the flock of the Great Shepherd… or not? In our verse last week, there was great desire. Here, we have great instruction.

    Jesus feeds… in His Words… in His Church… by His Pastors and by His teachers. THESE are the places, class.  We are to sit under the teaching of good ministers! We are to DO it. If we don’t, we shall soon see that there are other BAD shepherds out there…. DANGEROUS, LYING shepherds!

  We are not to have as our shepherd… CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, or Glenn Beck (a devout Mormon, having another shepherd). I feel that this verse is far more serious than we may have seen at first glance. Shepherds guide and feed, and nurture their sheep. The sheep KNOW the voice… of their shepherd, too (read Jn. 10:11-16, 10:27, then Isaiah 40:11, 1Pet. 5:4, and Hebrews 13:20). Do you know the voice of Jesus… or Glenn Beck? Jesus… or some news commentator? The voices we listen to most… affect us the most! The voices we listen to most… LEAD us most. Why should I turn aside…. to another shepherd????

   I want you to put this lesson down, and write a note in your journal. “Lord, I want to know where YOU feed. AND, I want you to LEAD ME… now! SHOW me where Thou feedest, and feed me there. OH LORD… DRAW me, and don’t ever stop drawing me!” Then, I want  you to take some time and pray and seek Him. I want you to take time to pray, as you meditate on how He has led, and fed you in the past, and spend time thanking Him, then write some notes in your journal ABOUT those past times, and where you want to be. Do you really want to be nearer to Him? Do we not need to seek this daily? Speak with Him daily? Class, this is exactly what the journal is all about! I want you to tell your Lord an Saviour, Jesus Christ, that  you will walk as He has said to, with His help. And, last, I want you to perhaps list where you have gone away, and perhaps listened more to other shepherds! He will not rebuke thee for asking, and He will surely never rebuke thee for following! This little Shulamite girl was really passionate about being with her shepherd. She asked unashamedly. She asked seriously. She asked a question from her heart. Do we? And, she got an answer. So will we. But I fear that we have not, because we ask ________. This is why I want you keeping a journal. You will have written records of your seeking, asking, praying, thanking, AND…. receiving answers! You and I both know… that we forget both things. Asking… and receiving. Your journal will benefit you than you can imagine.

   Now, I pray this is not viewed as off the subject. Let me speak to something that I have seen with my own eyes. There are folks that go to several churches. I have known of one in my family in years past. If we do that, we miss what God has going on in the church where He has placed us. That church has a specific program going on, that He wants US to be involved in. AND, that church NEEDS us there, because of the special talents He has given to us, TO BE USED in that church. There are times where one has to move geographically, I know that. Health reasons, family reasons, etc. God knows all about those. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about being a perpetual “visitor.” Even, perhaps, being a faithful giver of money, which is a good thing, but not the BEST and most ideal thing.  Solomon did NOT tell her to follow afar, OR be a loner, uninvolved! Henry says, “… those who would have the closest fellowship with (Christ), must… join themselves to his people and attend His ministers.”And there is something else. “Feed thy kids beside the shepherds’ tents.”

   If we have children, we must bring them to church. Who is shepherding our children? Government schools… or SUNDAY school? CNN or the Pastor? Disney… or their Sunday school teacher? Who is shepherding… our lambs? Where are WE leading them? And, who do they see shepherding US? Sheep MUST HAVE a good shepherd… or they will die on their own. LITTLE sheep, TENDER LAMBS… must also… or they will surely die! We, in America, are reaping the whirlwind (tornado) of setting our lambs adrift on the seas of life, and having them brainwashed by global socialists, God haters, and sinners, with loose morals (if any), and NOT having them shepherded in a good church!

   I want to close out this week by going back to a part of our text verse. “ O thou fairest among women…” I want us to think about how Jesus Christ, sees us… His church. Does He see us as fairest among women? (Contrast Rev. 17)

   The true church is His bride. How does He see us? Is His bride pure? Chaste? Separated? Having eyes for only her groom? How does He see us, really? Let us keep that in mind always. It’s serious!

   I want you to think about the words of Jeremiah and Hosea again, as God spoke of His people, whom He loved. They are strong words, but we need strong words! Read Jer. 3:1-10, 4:30, 30:14,  and Hosea 2:1-13. Make special note of V13 in Hosea 2.   NOW, I want you to read 2Cor. 11:2… then make some notes in your journal about how you see things. Pray, that He will give you vision here!

     If there is one thing the church needs today, it is a dose of Song of Solomon, in all of it’s teaching and pictures. The church needs to see, how JESUS sees, or wants to see, His church. I don’t think there has been near enough of this teaching and preaching in America. We have all kinds of  “stuff,” but too little of the Shepherd. Too much of TV, Internet, News programs, “binge watching” TV series’ made up by, and of people who couldn’t care less about Jesus Christ, and in fact flaunt their rebellion against God in the face OF God… and ours, as we watch them. This country follows dangerous and deadly shepherds… period. We spend far too much time in front of the “stupid tube,” and too little time by the “shepherd’s tent.”  WE MUST get back to seeking the purity of what the Bride of Christ SHOULD BE AND HAVE. Do we care to? Does it bother us, that it doesn’t bother us? I ask you, honestly, where do you feed most? WHO, or WHAT is your primary shepherd? Maybe we all need to make notes in our journal here, of a prayer to the Great Shepherd about it! Where do WE feed?

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