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Find Pasture

September 11th, 2019

Find Pasture

John 10:9 (KJB) I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

Because I live in a rural area, finding pasture brings a picture of cows eating in the field to my mind when I read this verse.  This sounds simplistic, but God always has a way of bringing truth down to the bottom shelf by using common ordinary every day things to bring great truths to light.  Certainly, many of you are familiar with what a pasture is and perhaps can easily comprehend this vital spiritual message.

This truth is a “spiritual backbone” of personally knowing and walking with God.  It contains the recipe for any sincerely seeking person to find fellowship with God now that will last forever.  This verse gives each of us divine direction in finding pasture of God and being spiritually filled now and forevermore.

God’s divine green meadow is only found through personally knowing Jesus Christ.

Not only that but Jesus Christ is the only door for which any soul can enter for allowing the regenerating heart work of God to usher in eternal salvation to softened hearts.

Take special note of the word “if” and “any” in this verse.

If any man enter in…” gives us undeniable proof that God gives a person ample opportunity to find pasture.  A person must personally choose to enter in through the door of Jesus Christ to an eternal pasture.

Secondly, God gives every person a chance to find eternal pasture using the word “any” in this and other scripture verses.

if any man enter…”  God did not say that only some people would find pasture.  Or that a few people could find a healthy green grassland.  No, the word “any” means that whosoever chooses to enter in will find an eternal lush eternal green oasis.

Finding pasture, for any willing person, is simply finding this door divinely opened by Jesus Christ.  He made it possible, through the work of His Son Jesus Christ, for any man to have a lush oasis.  Any person can find and be filled with God’s eternal pasture, but he must go through Jesus Christ, who is the door.

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