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Genuine Beauty Is Beyond Skin Deep

August 16th, 2018

Genuine Beauty Is Beyond Skin Deep

Psalm 96:6 (KJB) Honour and majesty are before him: strength and beauty are in his sanctuary.  

The worlds common take on what is beauty is that which resides skin deep. In this world, beauty has all to do with an individual looking good and feeling good, despite what may be going on underneath their humanly perfected appearance.  The impression formed when seeing they’re made up, or dolled up, an outer layer is of great importance.

The beauty of a woman is perceived as majestic flowing hair or the “just right” salon cut, perfection in her makeup, manicured nails, the latest style of clothing, the aroma of a specially selected perfume, and in carrying an air of loveliness and attraction about her.

Beauty is not seen as a woman who opts to be a stay at home mom, always tired, with dull unwashed hair, little or no makeup, perhaps short chewed nails of frustration, who is armed with the smell of dirty diapers and spilt formula on her clothes leaving an air of “ode de home” rather than the highlights of heaven in the air about her.

Beauty is not viewed in the life of a godly woman who wears her hair long, attires herself in modest clothing, wears little or no makeup, armed with intimate knowledge of God as discovered in His Word, carries a heaven scent about her as she matures and grows in God as she sojourns in this wicked world.

In this scripture verse, God tells us that beauty is God’s sanctuary.  That is that true beauty begins in the heart of a person and works its way outward.  Beauty is an inward spiritual delicacy, rather than being compiled by an outward show or appearance of glamour and glitz.

The truth is any woman who professes to be a child of God is beautiful in their own unique, but godly, way.  This eternal attractiveness begins on the inside and always produces spiritual fruit easily noted on the outer perimeter.  A rare beauty from God that will shine straight through diapers and daily dramas despite the outward condition going on about her!

A child of God, whether it be a godly man or woman, is never void of the presence of the spiritual beauty of God working in their heart and mind and displayed in this world. This sincere beauty eternally connects with God building a godly character, charm, and charisma associated with the divine essence of God, rather than exploiting the wicked and ugly nature solely peddled from the god of this world.

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