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Give Good Gifts

December 21, 2020

Give Good Gifts

Matthew 7:11 (KJV) If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

As this Christmas season draws near to its earthly climax, undoubtedly, many younger children can easily describe to you what would be a perfect gift for them.  By now, they have poured over the advertisements, the television commercials, played with the toys of their friends and eyed and touched unique gifts and toys craftily displayed in stores to grab their attention.  Even adults get satisfaction and joy over the receiving and the giving of gifts at this time of year, but too bad, this effect does not carry with them very far into the future.

However, I hope you understand that none of this holiday hoopla can compare to the precious gift given by God.  All material things and shiny trinkets will fade, rust, and one day soon will be destroyed forever.  That is precisely why none of us can afford to hang our hat on anything of this world, for one day, this temporary satisfaction will rot or fade from importance, but God never changes or diminishes in His significance.

I hope and pray you have spoken to your children and others, instilling in them the truth about the real celebration of the Christmas season.  Did you tell them about the gift of God that given to all humanity over two thousand years ago?  How His one gift trumps every other gift a person can receive in this world?  God gave a gift that can last forever, making all other presents importance muted in comparison.  It is okay to provide our family, friends, and strangers a Christmas celebration, including special presents, but let us not forget the most valuable gift of all, Jesus Christ, and the salvation message which can change hearts!

We must strive to give lasting gifts.  Are you practicing that level of giving with your family and friends?  Even strangers?  I hope you give loved ones, friends, and strangers seeds of the gospel message along with store-bought gifts this Christmas season and attempt to carry on with witnessing about God throughout the coming year.

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