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Glorify God in Suffering

November 9th, 2018

Glorify God in Suffering

1 Peter 4:16 (KJB) Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf.

Suffering as a Christian.  Wow, perhaps this is where many professing Christians fail in their walk.  Many want to identify with Christ when the going is good and pleasant.  However, when the walk gets tough and the road contains many bumps and potholes just waiting to trip them up, they often choose to turn away from hearing and obeying the divine direction of God.

A genuine professing Christian keeps moving forward on the pathway God has set for him in this world despite any and every adverse situation or event taking place in his life.  Suffering for Christ is seen as a chance to be a walking billboard for His supernatural power and strength working in his life.  It is an opportunity to let everyone know how wonderful living in this world is for a child of God, despite any suffering he may have to face along the narrow pathway.

You see, God never promises His spiritual family that having a personal relationship with Him is all a bed of roses.  Quite the opposite really, life will be tough many more days that it will be calm and pleasant in this world.  However, it is in these hard times the allows the presence and power of God to shine through the many cracks and crevices of your life.

Suffering as a Christian is to be expected in the life of every sincere child of God.  If you are not suffering as you serve God, then perhaps you need to check your spiritual pulse.  Suffering brings great opportunities to honor and glorify God.

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